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Since early ages, Ayurveda has been treating many diseases through natural techniques. Nowadays, people are looking for Ayurvedic medicines for their exceptional health benefits. Abhayarishta is one of the best ayurvedic medicines with multiple health benefits. 

What is Abhayarishta?

Abhayarishta or Abhayarishtam is a useful liquid Ayurvedic medicine. It is majorly used for prolonged health issues like constipation, piles, etc. It is a formulation made of the herb “Abhaya”. Due to its innumerable benefits, Ayurveda calls it “the king of the medicine”. As per the ancient scriptures, rishis used it long ago. It contains 5% to 7% of self-generated alcohol.

What is the composition of it?

The medicine comprises of various ingredients. The ingredients are divided into three types: Kwath Dravya, Sandhana Dravya, and Prakshepaka Dravya. 

The Kwath Dravya includes haritaki, water, Mridvika, Vidanga, Madhuka Pushpa, etc. Jaggery is the Sandhana Dravya for this medicine. The Prakshepaka Dravyas are chavya, dhataki, mocharasa, sonth, saunf, etc.

How is it produced?

First of all, the practitioners wash all of the raw materials and dry them out under sun rays. After that, the powder form of the herb and sifted to remove impurities and hard particles. Then, the practitioners separate the aromatic herbs or Prakshepaka Dravyas and clean them properly. Then, they add water to the decoction herbs or kwath dravya and soak them overnight. After that, they add jaggery to the decoction herbs. Then, it is appropriately stirred and filtered to remove unnecessary particles. Then they keep it aside for fermentation. Click here to read Simple Yet Effective Ayurveda Goals for 2021 For Better Living.

What are the uses of Abhayarishta?

  • It relieves constipation.
  • It treats ascites & largely protects the liver from any damage. Often, alcohol consumption causes liver damage. It is beneficial in that case. It also treats abdominal hepatitis. 
  • This medicine improves digestion. 
  • It helps to prevent urinary troubles. Also, cures renal stones as well. 
  • It also cures various kinds of abdominal diseases.
  • This medicine brings comfort the constipation problems.
  • It is useful in treating piles. It lets the stool come out of the stomach quickly by making an easy way from the intestine.
  • Helps to enhance appetite.
  • It works well in peptic ulcers. 
  • It is also useful in problems like gas, heartburn, etc.


  • Haritaki is a beneficial herb that treats diabetes and cures many other diseases.
  • Mridvika, full of useful vitamins, minerals, fibre is helpful for several heart ailments. It is also beneficial in asthma and other respiratory problems. 
  • Vidanga is well-known as antidiabetic. Moreover, it is antimicrobial. It also has other multiple properties. Overall, it cures a wide range of diseases.
  • The jaggery adds sweetness as well as boosts up the fermentation.
  • Mocharasa naturally purifies the blood.

Various Brands of Abhayarishta

Baidyanath Abhayarishta – 450 ml

It is full of useful components. It primarily helps to cure constipation. This is the best medicine to cure chronic piles. It also treats anal fissures and other similar problems. Doctors prescribe it for bleeding piles especially. You should take it twice daily after meals. However, do not forget to take the physician's advice before taking it. Baidyanath is well known for its authentic ayurvedic products. This product is 100% natural and authentic.

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Arya Vaidya Pharmacy AVP Abhayarishta (450 ml)


Arya Vaidya Pharmacy is famous for its wide range of Ayurvedic products. This product benefits people in many ways. It is an ayurvedic medicine with exceptional health benefits. This package's quantity is 450 ml. you can buy it from any renowned e-commerce website like Amazon. The buyers have rated it well. The good reviews prove its goodness.

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Kerala Ayurveda Abhayarishtam 435 Ml

This 435 ml package is highly beneficial. The medicine has innumerable uses. It has natural qualities to treat diseases and heal the body. It balances the three doshas properly. The three doshas include Vata, Pitta, Kapha, etc. However, it is a popular abhayarishtam product available in the market.

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Vaidyaratnam Abhayarishta 450 ML


The natural ingredients of the product are incredibly beneficial. The item cures the health issues of the core. It purifies the body and maintains the balance among body, mind, and soul. It is an excellent item cheaper than other similar products. You can find it online. Anyways, keep this product away from children. 

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Aswini Pharmaceuticals EyeonBay Abhayarishtam, 450 ml


Aswini Pharmaceuticals manufactures this product through an extensive ayurvedic process. Physicians often recommend this product for its authenticity. The shelf life for this product is two years from the manufacturing date. The quantity of the package is 450 ml. You can get it at Amazon. Many buyers prefer to buy other additional products with this item. Anyways, you may get a reasonable price range when you buy the two items together. 

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Abhayarishtma Dharasana Lep 35 g -Pack of 10

It is one of the most useful abhayarishta products available online. It is a kind of mixture form of medicine. Physicians prescribe it for joint pain, swelling, etc., it is easy to use. And it has exceptional health benefits. The product comes as a pack of 10. The total quantity is 35 gm. However, people buy it for its beneficial properties and easy-to-use nature.

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Dabur Abhayarishta – 680 ml


Dabur is a 135 years old company top-rated for its genuine herbal products. It offers various types of products. The medicines are full of beneficial ingredients. They are helpful in many ways. This whole package holds a quantity of 680 ml. The product is quite useful in severe health issues. It cures diseases without any side effects. It is one of the best abhayarishta products on the market.

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Baidyanath Jhansi Abhayarishta – 450 Ml


This item is useful enough for multiple purposes. Both males and females can use it. The health benefits of it are uncountable. The whole package contains 450 ml of medicine. It is useful in fissures and haemorrhoids. Similar products are also available with this at a reasonable price range. People often prefer to buy a whole combination of medicine. It is a popular product with innumerable benefits. 

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What is the dosage?

The dosage of the medicine varies as per the age and health condition of the patients. The intensity of the disease also plays a vital role in it. Therefore, you must take the doctor's advice regarding this. They can tell you better about the dosage. 

  • The common dosage is 12-24 ml once or twice a day. Usually, doctors prescribe it to take after the meal. You should consume it with an equal amount of water. 
  • For infants, the dosage is 0.5 ml.
  • The toddler should take it with a dose of 1 ml.
  • The children between the age of 3 to 12 should have 2.5 ml.

What are the side effects of Abhayarishta?

You should always consult the doctor first. Then, take it in the proper dosage. It is necessary to maintain the correct dosage. Otherwise, adverse effects may arise. The side effects include allergic reactions. It also incorporates ailments like stomach pain, diarrhoea, bloating, etc., you may also experience drowsiness, headache, dizziness, etc. So, avoid self-prescribed consumption of it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe for the children?

It is safe only for kids above three years of age. Anyways, give it in a low dose. And always consult a physician before consumption. 

Can pregnant women take it?

No, pregnant women cannot take it. The medicine has indravaruni or colocynth herb in it. Consumption of it may lead to contractions in the uterus. This may result in abortion. Also, lactating mothers should consult the doctor before taking it. Anyways, during pregnancy or in the phase of lactation, you should avoid taking medicine.

Can diabetic patients take it?

The sugar level in it may cause trouble for diabetic patients. So, they must consult a physician before taking it. 

How to store it?

Store it in a cool, dry place where the children cannot reach it. Also, you should keep it in an air-tight container. 

How to buy it online?

Several websites are offering this product. You can find it on Amazon and other renowned online shopping platforms. You can go to the website and choose your preferred product. 

Take Away

In conclusion, the article points out the key features and essential health benefits of abhayarishta. You can also know about different brands of it. Please go through it and cure your health issues with this life saver product. To learn more details about it, visit the ayurvedic practitioner's clinic.

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