Must Have Accessories for your Bathroom

Hello everyone! I think I will be right if I say, Bathroom or Restroom is the most relaxing area of our home. And I am sure; If anyone goes to buy a house or rent an apartment or flat, they inevitably look for the bathroom first. I, definitely do this. Because, until the bathroom is lavish, I don't find the rest of the house attractive. Even if we spend only a few minutes in the bathroom from our whole day, we still want that time to be perfect of all because we get to relax, only there. So here I am going to share must-have accessories for your bathroom to give you more relax-able and enjoyable time there.

I know everyone wants their bathroom to have a big space but for any reason, if you have your restroom in a smaller area, then bathtub would not be there. If there is a bathtub inside, then more accessories will be needed. And in this article, I will be sharing the accessories without the bathtub in your washroom. So, keep reading.

List of Must-Have Accessories for your Bathroom.

Suction Organizer

Suction Organizer

The organizer for soap, small bottle of shampoo or oil is needed for sure. You can go with the wall mounting organizer, but I would prefer the suction one. The suction cup mounting of any storage organizer gives an elegant look to your bathroom. The suction shelf is always easy to install and it can be removed just as easily without leaving drill holes in your wall tiles.

It can be used in the washbasin area or nearby your shower to keep small accessories like soap, toiletries, and shampoo bottles. You will never regret buying the suction cup organizer as you can always remove them and take it along whenever you shift to the new place.

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Overhead Shower

OverHead Shower

Without a shower, you cannot get that graceful look in your bathroom. If there is no shower, you cannot say you have complete bath accessories. It is a must-have accessory because the shower gives you a pleasant bath experience. And mark my words; you will always enjoy bathing under the shower.

Though there are many showers available in the market, this shower from Amazon will satisfy you with its extraordinary performance. Water-Saving is a necessity, still, you will not want to complete your bath before at least half an hour, if there is no scarcity of water.

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Hand Shower

Along with overhead shower, you should consider hand shower too. It is must if you have elderly people or kids at home because it helps you to reach every body part even while you sit and bath. It also helps you clean the corners and the walls of the bathroom without much effort. And obviously, it definitely gives your bathroom a refined look.

The hand shower is a must-have accessory if you have pets in your home. With the use of a hand shower, you can definitely save water as it will help you flow water where it is needed without wasting the water.

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Shower Curtain

I am sure no one wants the bathroom to look always wet. I personally hate it when I see the bathroom floor not wiped. So, if you do not have much time to wipe the water closet area, you should consider buying a shower curtain. Using them is the best way to separate your bathroom from water closet area. With the shower curtains in your bathroom, you will find the rest of the area always neat and clean.

Definitely, you would want to decorate your bathroom with a stylish and beautiful shower curtain. Plus It will be the icing on the cake if you use shower curtains with pockets because it can help you store more of the bathroom stuff if you have less number of shelves available.

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Hair Catcher

Hair fall problem is what we are facing almost all of us, I guess. And we cannot do much about it. But we surely can stop clogging the drain holes with the use of hair catchers. You can get them in funky colours with the suction cups. So, you must give it a try to save your precious time of cleaning the floors off the fallen hair.

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Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

What if we are not famous, inside we all know that we are amazing bathroom singers! Isn't it? So, Bluetooth speakers are a must-have accessory if you love listening to & humming songs while you enjoy your bath. And buying the waterproof Wireless Bluetooth speakers will help you to listen to your favourite music without worrying about it getting damaged.

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Folding Towel Rack

You must think of getting the foldable towel rack home as it is perfect for small space and solving the purpose flawlessly. With this rust free rack, sleek and elegant design, you can give your bathroom a sophisticated look. So get it soon and hang out the daily used towels on it. The best part is that you can always fold it after use so it is definitely a space-saving product.

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Movable Laundry Basket

This multi-purpose movable laundry basket from Amazon is a must-have for your bathroom as you can store laundry items, shampoos, soaps or anything along with cloth storage. The colourful plastic is the perfection solution for all your needs of storage along with its long-lasting and durable.

The upper layer is for storing items like detergents, or any kind of washing products and the lower layer is for dirty clothes. You can also use this basket for any other purpose rather than using it in the bathroom.

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Set of 6 Accessories

Say yes to this unique combination of bathroom accessories set that includes 1 piece of each, i.e., soap dish, towel ring, soap dispenser, tumbler holder, robe hook, and a towel rod with concealed screws for easy installation. I am sure; the unique and superior design of this set will enhance the beauty of your bathroom. I know, getting all in one product is always best.

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Storage Organizer

The storage organizer is another must-have accessory for your bathroom to give it a luxury look. More than giving your bathroom a luxury look, the organizer is a necessity, because you have so much to store in the bathroom. With this one product, you can store many of the daily used products in an organized manner, so you don't have to find the products from behind like any gated storage organizer.

This organizer is made of high-quality stainless steel with 2 layer shelf along with towel holder. This elegant look of the storage organizer is definitely to give a try.

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Hairstyling Storage Chest

This is another must-have accessory for the bathroom. I must say, this is the best product I ever found as I never ever came up with any such product where you can store all your hair styling needs in a single holder.

The best part about it that you can keep your hairdryer and hair straightener while they are still hot. Isn't it amazing to know? Plus, its elegant look will make your bathroom luxurious and your bathroom counter will stay clean and clear always.

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So, these were all the products I found which you must have in your bathroom to give it a beautiful and royal look. I hope I have been able to collect all the required accessories for a normal-sized bathroom. What I meant from normal size is; the bathroom without a bathtub.

I will surely write another blog with the bathtub very soon. Till then, enjoy your bath with these must-have accessories. And do let me know if I missed something. Don't hesitate to write back for any queries. Stay Safe.

Namita Singla
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