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The world of fitness, wellbeing, and health is often misunderstood. So, intending to make the choices for fitness and health simple, we are here with the 7 best dieticians in India. We usually relate fitness to workout and skipping meals, but that's not completely true. Instead, fitness can be taken as a synonym to plan the diet according to the perfect need of the body, i.e., intake of the appropriate amount of diet at the perfect time. For two years, the situation of the pandemic has made the situation worst. The stress levels have affected both our physical and mental health. Hence, here we have the Best Dieticians in India offering you help by explaining the facts about food and nutrition.

List of Best Dieticians In India

These dieticians oppose extreme crash diets to achieve health and fitness goals. The appropriate knowledge about the topic can only come from these professionals. “You feel, as you opt to eat,” is true. The journey of a healthy lifestyle seems challenging but becomes excellent and easy with the advice of professionals. Let's start with one of India's best and top dieticians and then proceed with the ones who are not less in any way.

Niveta Bajaj

Owning a master's degree in the field of Food nutrition, Dr. Niveta Bajaj is renowned as one of the most successful dieticians in India. She owes her experience in the field and has worked as a clinical coach and expert doctor in hospitals. Her team of doctors and experts even helps their patients manage various health disorders like obesity, thyroid problems, PCOD/PCOS, sugar and insulin levels, etc. She even has a great skill to advise and motivate her patients to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. She is a non-believer in fasting and extreme dieting options for maintaining health and fitness. Her strength is focusing on a proper and balanced diet. Exercising, a healthy lifestyle, and motivation are her powers of treatment.

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Dr. Shikha Sharma

Dr. Shikha Sharma is an expert nutritionist who is best at combining the Ayurveda theories with the modern technology of medical sciences. She is a known name in nutrigenetics. Dr. Shikha's Nutrihealth foundation is a perfect fit, offering the best health and diet managing advice to help people attain the desired health goals. She has visualized the need and importance of guidance in health and fitness and has arranged voice-based counseling. Her efforts and hard work have made her enter the top list of the best dieticians in India.

Dr. Shubra Jain

Shubra Jain stands head held high in the list of best dieticians in India, with seven big and efficient years of experience and knowledge in the field. Owning two clinics at Ambala and Chandigarh, she has a long list of people who benefitted from her advice and expertise. Most importantly, Ms. Jain focuses on homemade recipes and healthy food to attain health and fitness. She even advises her patients to help them overcome their hypertension, obesity, stress, diabetes, etc., associated with an unhealthy lifestyle.

Shonali Sabherwal

Shonali Sabherwal has efficiently created the Indian market for a macrobiotic diet as per the diagnosis of an individual's organ needs. She is a macrobiotic chef and focuses on employing the respective diet principles in routine life. She promotes effective counseling for the same & achieved success in more than 1k cases and supportive remitting ailments with her skills and knowledge.

Shonali aims to educate her clients and the ones who need help through her workshops and specialized services. She is now working on introducing a superb range of health products. Her books, The Detox Diet, The Love Diet, and The Beauty diet, explain the macrobiotic diet's basic concept.

Ms. Ekta Jain

Ms. Ekta is a dedicated therapist and an optimal health care analyst. With years of experience and knowledge, she holds her diploma in health and nutrition from the renowned VLCC Institute and is considered one of the best dieticians in India. Since 2016, she has been a pioneer practitioner in the field. She offers the best weight loss and management treatments, diet therapy, plan, kids' nutritionist, aromatherapy treatment, etc. Moreover, she provides her patients with diabetic diet counseling and helps them by providing a customized diet chart as per the body types and requirements.

You can also check here the Low carb diet to manage diabetes by Geetika Patni.

Rujuta Diwekar

The ‘Nutrition Award' winner from the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology and an eminent dignitary in sports and nutrition wellness is Rujuta Diwekar. She is well known as the best-selling author and an efficient health-fitness speaker. Her clientele list includes many prominent celebrities and dignitaries of the nation. Rujuta's approach to maintaining health and fitness is enough to change one's point of view of the same.

She focuses on health and essential eating habits and believes that adopting a healthy lifestyle reverses counting calories intake. She has skilled in the knowledge of Yoga and Vedanta in addition to Ayurveda. Rujuta Diwekar makes it easy to understand the complicated act of eating in a better way. Her books and literary works have helped many to break up the myths regarding various topics. Her mantra ‘Eat local, think global' applies to one and all.

Dr. Anjum Shaikh

Dr. Anjum has been a famous name in the fitness world. With 13 years of experience and practice, she ensures client satisfaction concerning accomplishments of weight loss goals not only in India but also abroad. The patients with high blood pressure, obesity, renal diseases, post-menopause weight issues, etc., approach her for help. She is a pioneer guide to her clients who aim for weight loss, muscle, and bodybuilding, correct information for disease-related health and fitness issues, etc.

In recent years, she featured in TV shows on various channels and radio awareness and talk shows. Her focus is the achievement of optimal health and fitness by switching over to a healthy lifestyle. She practices at Anjum's diet and wellness centre-Mumbai. This is enough to make her one of the best dieticians in India.

Final Words

The information we have brought to you is genuine and trustworthy. All the therapists and dieticians mentioned are well qualified and dedicated to helping you sought out your health and fitness issues. Hope positive and have a positive attitude towards life. Nothing is impossible as ‘impossible' itself says, ‘I am possible.'

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