Best Green Tea Brands 2020

As we know, every Indian starts their day with a cup of their favorite tea. Apart from that, people offer tea to welcome their guests and even as an evening ritual. But, over the year, people are going to become health conscious. Moreover, people are replacing regular milk tea with green tea.

Green tea not only known for its oxidative nature, but also has many benefits like weight loss, enhanced memory, fighting disease like throat infection and, reducing bad cholesterol. Green tea really helps in burning fat.

There are so many brands that sell green tea with different taste. Most people get confused, which green tea brand is best. Just like you, I was also exploring for the best brand of the tea. And after tasting various brands, I finally found out the best green tea brands.

24 mantra organic green tea

24 Mantra Organic food brand is available across India and abroad. 24 Mantra promotes organic food which is free from chemical and pesticides. It has been producing organic green tea for many years. Which is rich in antioxidant flavonoids, moreover including catechins.

Benefits of 24 Mantra Organic green tea

  • It is Organic and inexpensive
  • It helps lower LDL cholesterol
  • It helps to slim by increasing body metabolism
  • Also, it has proven anti-cancer properties
  • Available easily

24 mantra organic green tea

Organic India

Organic India is the most popular brand of organic food which claim to be dedicated to providing a quality organic product. They are also producing green teas that are amazing in taste and available in different flavors. Their green teas are unique because all are infused with tulsi and basil.

They offer variety in flavors like earl grey, pomegranate, jasmine, and lemon-ginger. Organic India brand is very environmentally conscious, socially responsible and ethical.

Benefits of Organic India Green Tea

  • It is not too much bitter in taste like other brands
  • Beneficial for losing weight and healthy skin
  • Come with many health benefits
  • It is organic with great flavors
  • Easily available with reasonable price

Organic India green tea


Lipton is one of the best brands of green tea which is providing pure green tea without aromas and herbs. It also helps in weight loss and available in affordable price with natural flavor. Lipton offers pure and natural green tea experience.

Benefits of Lipton Green Tea

  • It contains zero calories with great taste
  • Helpful for glowing and healthy skin
  • Provides your healthy lifestyle with a healthy heart
  • A wide range of flavors available
  • It protects you from cardiovascular diseases

Lipton green tea


Tetley becomes very popular green tea brand in the market that comes in a variety of flavor like mint & lemon, ginger, honey, spice, and citrus. Tetley green tea contains five times more antioxidant then an apple.

Benefits of Tetley Green Tea

  • It is low on cost
  • It is best for skin beauty
  • It keeps your age a secret
  • Easily available from a retail store
  • Provides you instant relief after having a tiring day.
  • Its aloe vera variant washes the toxin from your body and cleans you internally.

Tetley green tea


Twinings green tea brand has been offering a qualitative product for many years. They offer a wide range of flavor which is rich in taste. Their green tea packing available in bags as well as lose leaves.

Benefits of Twinings Green Tea

  • It increases body metabolism for faster weight loss.
  • It has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • It also prevents cancer or alleviating irritable bowel syndrome
  • It has a large number of variants
  • Inexpensive and easily available




Laplant had started their company in Mumbai. Although Laplant is a new brand in the green tea market, over the years they have established their reputation. They offer 100% natural and ginger flavor green tea which is smooth and tasty.

Benefits of Laplant

  • Natural Lemon and Ginger flavor
  • Beneficial for weight loss
  • Garden fresh green tea
  • High Antioxidant properties
  • Keep your age a Secret
  • Smooth, Spicy taste with authentic green tea aroma

Laplant green tea

Typhoo Green Tea

Typhoo is a British Green tea brand. The company had launched their product in India quite recently Moreover, has become a popular brand. They offer a gentle touch of goodness which is free from sugar and artificial flavor.

Benefits of Typhoo

  1. It is perfect for a relaxing moment
  2. It is a powerful antioxidant
  3. Has rich contents of unique catechins
  4. It is also free from preservatives, sugar and artificial flavoring
  5. U can enjoy it after a mean and during your tired day

Typhoo Green Tea

himalaya Green Tea

Himalaya is the healthiest and oldest green tea brand in the market. It offers health in a cup with antioxidant properties, which builds immunity in the body.

Benefits of Himalaya Green tea

  • It helps you fight with physical and mental fatigue
  • It has antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • It has hepatoprotective properties
  • Helps you detoxify the entire body
  • It promotes gastric secretion
  • Normalizes the body pressure
  • Helps in weight reduction

himalaya Green Tea

Golden Tips Green Tea

Golden tips offer a wide range of flavor in green tea that comes in attractive packaging. It offers pure single source Darjeeling green tea.

Benefits of Golden Tips

  • Attractive packaging with a unique flavor
  • It relieves physical and mental fatigue
  • It has antioxidant, antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • It gives total protection to your body

Golden Tips Green Tea

Happy Valley Green Tea

Happy Valley offers a wide range of unique flavor in green tea that is IMO certified organic green tea. It is the best quality Darjeeling green tea and processed with state of the art technology.

Benefits of Happy Valley

  • 100% organic Darjeeling tea
  • It is also high in antioxidant properties
  • Also has multiple health benefits
  • Helps in weight reduction, cure infection and allergies, control high blood pressure etc.
  • It has a smooth and sweet flavor
  • Infused with a freshness of nature

happy velly tea

Here is the list of top 10 green tea brand which will help you in making your decision. These all brands offer you the best quality with no artificial flavors, rich aromatic green tea, and more exotic taste.

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