Best Pressure Cooker Brands in India 2020

A pressure cooker is a utensil which is used mostly in the Indian kitchen. If you cook Indian food then you have already known about the pressure cooker. But if you haven’t switched to pressure cooker yet, then you are missing out the big item. We have discussed hare about Best Pressure Cooker Brands.

As we know the pressure cooker is the kitchen appliances used in the kitchen for preparing food. A pressure cooker cooks food faster and also save time and energy. In a pressure cooker, food is prepared in the steam which takes less water and more miners and vitamins retained in the food.

Since pressure cooker takes short time to cook food with the sealed environment, there is no loss of flavor and moistures. In today's’ time, pressure cookers are easy to handle and maintain as well. Moreover less the cooking time.

Pressure cookers now days are very safe utensil but if they are chosen very carefully with safety feature as well. Keep some things in mind before buying a pressure cooker.

  • Buy always a good quality pressure cooker with the ISI mark on it.
  • Cooker’s size should be according to your family i.e. 5 Ltr cooker will be sufficient for a family with four members.
  • Since pressure cookers are very hot, there are must be a solid handle.
  • There should be a short handle on the other side of the cooker.
  • Handles should be made of an anti-slippery material for solid grip.

While choosing a pressure cooker there is an important factor which is the brand. Always chose a branded pressure cooker with higher safety feature and especially whose spare parts easily available near you.

Various type of pressure cookers available in the market. Like aluminum Pressure Cookers, Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers, Hard Anodized aluminum Pressure Cookers.  We have shortlisted the top brand pressure cooker from India.

Best Pressure Cooker Brands

Hawkins Pressure Cookers

Hawkins Cookers Limited has been working since 1959 by an entrepreneur H. D. Vasudeva. Hawkins offers their products not only in India But also in the various country all over the world.


Hawkins offers 73 different models in twelve different type. Hawkins has sold approximately 72 million pressure cookers. Hawkins doesn’t compromise with the quality and produces always the quality product.

Hawkins pressure cookers range according to size:

Classic 1.5 Litre – MRP- 965 enough for 1-2 person with  130 mm Base flat diameter

Classic 2 Litre – MRP- 1115 enough for 2-3 person with  134 mm Base flat diameter

Classic 3 Litre – MRP- 1295 enough for 3-4 person with  134 mm Base flat diameter

Classic 3.5 Litre – MRP- 1445 enough for 4-5 person with  164 mm Base flat diameter

Classic 4 Litre – MRP- 1575 enough for 4-6 person with  164 mm Base flat diameter

Classic 5 Litre – MRP- 1765 enough for 2-3 person with  134 mm Base flat diameter

Classic 5 Litre with separators – MRP- 1940 enough for 2-3 person with 164 mm Base flat diameter

Classic 6.5 Litre – MRP- 1940 enough for 7-9 person with  164 mm Base flat diameter

Classic 6.5 Litre with separators – MRP- 2185 enough for 3-4 person with  164 mm Base flat diameter

Classic 8 Litre – MRP- 2115 enough for 8-11 person with  164 mm Base flat diameter

Classic 10 Litre – MRP- 2485 enough for 10-14 person with  208 mm Base flat diameter

Classic 10  Litre with separator – MRP- 2835 enough for 4-6 person with 208 mm Base flat diameter

Classic 12 Litre – MRP- 2885 enough for 12-16 person with  208 mm Base flat diameter

Prestige Pressure Cookers

TTK Prestige Limited has been working in India for the last five decades. In 1928, T.T Krishnamachari, who is the first finance minister of India, established, TTK Prestige Limited. And becomes the largest home appliance company in India.

Prestige brand products are placed on the four pillars like safety, trust, durability, and innovation. These four pillars make the brand the first choice of the customer. Prestige offer many products and services which are unique. Prestige offers the various product like a rice cooker, roti maker, mixer and grinder, milk boiler, and air fryers etc.

Prestige pressure cookers range according to size:

Prestige 1.5 Liter – MRP- 1020 enough for 1-2 person with Aluminium inner lid

Prestige 2 Liter – MRP- 1160 enough for 2-3 person with Aluminium inner lid

Prestige 2.5 Ltrs Polypropylene Pressure Cooker Combo MRP- 1200

Prestige 3 Ltrs Popular Silver Base Outer Lid Pressure Cooker MRP- 1390

Prestige Deluxe-Alpha Base 4 LTR – Stainless Steel Outer Lid Pressure Cooker MRP – 2650

Prestige Nakshatra Straight Wall 5 LTR Inner Lid MRP – 1850

Prestige Deluxe-Alpha Base 5.5 LTR Stainless Steel Outer Lid Pressure Cooker MRP – 3080

Prestige Popular 6 LTR Outer Lid MRP – 1995

Prestige Nakshatra Straight Wall 6.5 LTR Inner Lid MRP -2040

Prestige 7 Litre Nakshatra Silver Stainless Steel –  Alpha Pressure Cooker-With Induction Base MRP- 3100

Prestige Popular 7.5 LTR outer Lid – Aluminium Pressure Cooker – MRP – 2470

Prestige Nakshatra Plus Straight Wall 8 ltr Inner Lid – Aluminium Pressure Cooker -MRP 2310

Prestige Nakshatra Straight Wall 10 LTR Inner Lid – Aluminium Pressure Cooker MRP 2590

Prestige Popular 12 LTR outer Lid – Aluminium Pressure Cooker MRP 3130

Bajaj Pressure Cookers

Bajaj Electronic Limited is established in 1938 by Kamalnayan Bajaj. Bajaj Electronics Limited produces various products like Home Appliances, Fans, Engineering, Lighting, and Products. Bajaj Electronics Limited is better known as BEL.

BEL produces a high-quality product and becomes very popular for their home appliances product. People trust BEL because of its durability and solid products.

Bajaj pressure cookers range according to size:

Bajaj Aluminium 2 L Pressure Cooker MRP 1125

Bajaj Pressure Cooker, 3 Litres, Silver MRP 1164

Bajaj Majesty PCX 35 Aluminium 5 L Pressure Cooker MRP 1590

Bajaj Majesty PCX 36 A Aluminium 6.5 L Pressure Cooker MRP 2138

Bajaj Majesty PCX 38 Aluminium 8 L Pressure Cooker MRP 2440

Jaipan Pressure Cookers

Jaipan Industrial Limited is one of the famous Industry of India and handled by Mr. J. N. Aggarwal. Established in India 23 years ago. Jaipan industry believes that customer satisfaction is the primary key to success.

Jaipan produces the very convenient and most innovative product which would make life easier and enjoyable. Jaipan has a wide range of products about 140.

Jaipan pressure cookers range according to size:

Jaipan 1.5 Ltrs Aluminium InnerLid MRP 1945

Jaipan Stainless Steel Belly Pressure Cooker 3 liters MRP 2575

United Pressure Cookers

United group has been working in India since 1954. United group produces very affordable cooker for every house. United pressure cooker becomes very famous or ‘must have’ utensils for every kitchen.

United group believes that to provide the quality product with the affordable price to every customer which makes your cooking safe.

United Pressure Cookers Qualities:-

  1. It works on both Induction and gas stove
  2. Heat and Flame resistant color
  3. Easy to clean and handle
  4. absorb heat faster hence save more energy
  5. Best quality stainless steel lid
  6. Durable and safe in use

These all are India's best brand of Pressure cookers, You can believe in blindly. Choose your home appliance according to your need and choice. If we miss anything, you can tell us in the comment section. Please put the review as well.

Priyanka Garg

Priyanka Garg

Priyanka, a well know blogger, is passionate about writing articles on love, fashion, awareness, & review on different brands of food, grocery, home equipment and various kind of health products.

  1. Wonderful Review article. It seems to me that In India Hawkins is the most famous brand for the pressure cooker. Besides, you have covered most of the best pressure cooker that is available in the market. There is no doubt that your article is very informative and helpful, but if you add ”Pressure Cooker Do’s and Don’ts” then customers could easily find more helpful instruction from your article. I like to know your opinion that among these pressure cookers which one is the best?

    Thank you, Author, For your wonderful informative article.

    Hopefully looking forward for your reply and further article in the future.

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