Bikini Body Workout Plan Review 2021


  • Do you want to flaunt your body this summer on the beach?
  • But you are afraid of your gains and want to be in shape to perfectly fit into your bikini?
  • Are you planning to buy a workout program to get into your desired body shape?
  • Is Jen Ferruggia’s bikini body workout plan worth to buy?

If any of the above question’s answer is YES then you must read the article till the end as it will help you in choosing what is right for you as I will provide all of the details of the workout plan along with their pros and cons.

In the end, you will be able to decide if this program is worth buying or not.

What is the Bikini body workout plan by Jen Ferruggia’s?

It is basically a 60 days workout program along with the nutrition program that will help to achieve the desired body you want. The program blends along with your daily routine making it easy to follow as in the hectic schedule of one’s life it is very difficult to find the extra time for hitting the gym. Make sure you must spare just 30 minutes of your day for the gym. You must also consider that this is not a strict planned diet that measures your calorie intake, but it will provide you various healthy options for your regular meals.

The program provides you step by step guide along with the video tutorials of the exercises played by Jen herself and these can be played on any of your devices.

Your bikini body is incomplete without a good round booty so Jen has also provided a 21-day booty blast program that will provide you the desired booty you always wanted.

Who is Jen Ferruggia?

She is a wonder woman, which is a trainer, coach, model, chef, nutritionist that makes her a complete package to transfer you into the desired you. She has a degree in the Exercise movement and she has also developed various exercises. She herself uses these workout programs and diet program and you can see her body, which is just WOW.

Bikini Body Program Site

What do you get in the program?

Workout videos

These are the instructional workout videos performed by Jen herself which are very easy to understand and can be performed anywhere.

Workout home guide

It is a guide which provides all of the necessary details to the beginners on how to do the exercise in the comfort of your own home. It provides information on how many sets, reps have to be performed, how much time is sufficient to rest between the sets, how to use dumbbells and other equipment at home making it really comfortable for shy beginners.

The gym workout guide

When you gain a bit more confidence while working out at home you can follow the gym workout guide which provides you all of the necessary information regarding the usage of gym equipment like bench presses, cable pulleys, lat-pull down, barbells, dumbbells, and other great equipment. It also provides safety tips and measures regarding workout over machines so that you might not injure yourself while working out at the gym.

Supplement list

The supplement list provided over here is to improve and enhance your results. You will get a lot of knowledge on supplements as taking supplements without any advice might harm or degrade your results. So, it is very important to know what you are consuming. There are various studies that show that supplements can enhance your performance making it easier for you to get the desired results and make you feel good.

Nutritional guide

This guide is a gate to heaven for foodies or food lovers that love to eat. As there are a lot of delicious and tasty options available that can be consumed throughout the day, not like other diet plans which makes you eat bland and tasteless food. Jen Ferruggia believes that there is no need to count on your daily calories until to work out good and eat healthy and nutritious food throughout the day.

Shopping list

The list contains all of the healthy stuff that you need to add to your shopping list when you go to the supermarket next time. The list contains all of the nutrition and wholesome goods that are necessary to prepare your meals.

21-day Booty blast

This 10 minutes workout guide will help you in getting the desired good round booty you always wanted. Your bikini body is incomplete without a good booty which means that to get you that all of the exercises are designed to shape your thighs, glutes, booty.

How much does this program costs?

To make sure this program is price effective let us compare this program with other programs.

  • The 12-week bikini guidebook- This guide by Kyra Williams will cost you around $49.99.
  • Body boss method- It will cost you $50
  • Bikini body guide by Kayla Itsine’s- It will cost $69 only for the workout plan and if you choose to buy the nutrition guide then you must spend extra $69 which is not considerable, I think.
  • The stage-ready nutrition and training- The program will cost you $95 and does not have value for money.

Coming down to Jen’s program, all of the above things I mentioned in the program will cost you only $29.99. YES, you read that right. Moreover, to make it more reliable they also provide you the money-back guarantee if you do not get the desired results in 60 days. I think that’s a win-win deal in every situation.

Checkout Bikini Body Program

Pros and Cons of the program?


Faster results– if you follow the instructions properly that are provided in the program then you can get the results faster.

Flexible diet– the diet blends into your routine and you don’t have to do anything special to prepare your meals.

Convenient– the exercise plans are very convenient even for a hectic schedule. You just have to spare only 30 minutes of your day to do the exercise.

Affordable– the workout program is very much efficient and affordable as compared to other workout programs.

Easy to access– the program occurs on a digital device and that’s why it can be accessed from any of your smart devices according to your convenience.

Workout at home– if you do not want to workout at the gym then you can also workout at home with minimal equipment that is easily affordable.

Money-back guarantee– if the program is not effective for you or you do not get the desired results then they will give your money back without asking any questions. They have very good customer care support. 


Easy exercises– Some of you might exercise very easy depending on your fitness level.

Need gym equipment– they do not provide some basic gym equipment in the package and that’s why it is needed to be purchased.

Needs internet– the program is in digital format, so you need to have access to the active internet to follow the program. 

Is the bikini workout plan right for you?

The answer is a big YES and it is totally worth buying the program because of its all of the benefits along with its effective and efficient price that no one provides.

I mean guys what you can get for $29.99!

Download Bikini Body Workouts Program

The workout program can be used by beginners as well as professionals. For the beginners who want to be in a good shape and for the professionals to just add a cherry on the cake to make their figure toned.

The program can also be used by the women post-pregnancy to reduce the extra gains they have acquired during the pregnancy. The workouts are totally fun along with the tutorial videos which provides the necessary details so that you might not harm yourself while doing exercise in the gym.

Coming to the nutrition part, the program contains a whole lot of tasty recipes that will make your eating part more fun. You also don’t have to starve keeping in track of your calories or to eat bland food. According to Jen Ferruggia, you do not have to count on your calories to be in shape unless you are eating healthy and doing exercise and it is also not proven by science.

There are more little hidden benefits into the program that you will find out very useful.

In a nutshell, the Bikini body workout program by Jen Ferruggia is a must a try for those who are going through the rough phase of their life. It will help you in increasing your confidence to a new height.

So, ladies what are you waiting for check out the amazing program.

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