7 Socially-Distanced Birthday Gifts To Send Your Friends

Staying connected to your close friend, but cannot physically be with, is a tedious task. Especially when it means missing hanging out with your dear buddy on their birthday. Birthdays are the time to celebrate with your close friends and family. But since most of the people are practicing social distancing, those fun gatherings aren’t exactly possible. Instead, you have to think out of the box and get creative to make your best friend feel like royalty on their special day.

But luckily, there are several ways to celebrate your best friend and still honor their big day while staying home. Here’s a list of the best quarantine birthday gift ideas that includes everything you’ll need to pull off a successful quarantine birthday of your friend while keeping your distance.

1. Send Your Friend a Scrumptious Cake

Despite the current situations, birthdays haven’t stopped happening. But still, you can give your friend a great birthday gift while social distancing. Do not let the challenging times of social-distancing stop you from spreading love and happiness on your dear friend’s birthday. How can you help make your friend’s big day more special? Just send them a sweet and delicious birthday cake and make your friend feel so special.

2. Surprise Them With A Subscription

A subscription gift is the best way to give your friend something that will last and also remind them of you every time they use it. If your friend is a movie or series fanatic, then consider a Netflix subscription, or if he/she is a health and fitness freak, gift them an online workout pass to get their body moving.

3. Shower Them With Gifts

While many conventional stores are temporarily closed, online shopping portals are still very much in business. Many online gift portals are offering gifts with online cake delivery services. It’s also a good idea to consider supporting one of the many small businesses that have moved online and have some cool collection of gifts.

4. Send them a Refreshing Plants

Flowers are a classic way to take when trying to make your friend’s birthday, but houseplants make an amazing surprise as well. Many people are finding themselves craving the outdoors more than ever, and a flower or plant delivery can help them stay connected to nature while also staying safe inside the home.

5. E-books

If your close friend is a bookworm, then you can surprise him/her with their favorite journal of e-books. They can download their favorite e-books on their mobile or tablet and can read them on the go. The most interesting books will help your dear stay positive during this challenging situation.

6. Home Baked Goods

If you can drop off a care package directly to your friend’s door safely, then home-baked goods are one of the best gifts to send your friend. If you’ve been busy baking cakes, cookies, and breads, then make your close friends and family a care package filled with delicious homemade treats. Baked goods from one home to another is a thoughtful yet unique gift that’s hard to beat.

7. Personalized Postcards

Send a postcard to your friend to show how much you care. Postcards are go-to gifts for big days, sending support, or simply saying hi. Personalize your postcards with humorous messages and funny photos to send to friends. Something about snail mail adds an extra special feel than the usual text message.

Last Words

Whether it’s giving the gift of time with surprise group video calls and stay-at-home experiences or sending your buddy a thoughtful birthday gift, stay connected to those you love in these small ways. Because small and surprises can go a long way.


Priyanka Garg

Priyanka Garg

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