Celebrity Endorsement – Celebrity Social Media Endorsement

Celebrity endorsement refers to a marketing strategy by using one or more celebrity to promote specific product or services.

Firstly, we will discuss celebrity and endorsement separately.

Who is the Celebrity?

Celebrities are a very well-known figure and famous for their attractiveness, expertise, talent, and credibility.  Celebrity may be an Actor, Sports Person, Businessmen, and Model

Forex: – Amitabh Bachchan, SRK (King of Bollywood), Amir Khan, Salman Khan, and M.S Dhoni

celebrity social media endorsement

What Is Endorsement?

The endorsement is an action to endorse something or someone.

As we know, Celebrities are the famous entity in the entire world. They remain always in the limelight.  Everyone in society wants to know about the celebrity’s personal life. What they use, what they eat, what they wear, and want to follow all the action as well. So advertiser takes advantage of public curiosity.

Advertiser take advantage of Celebrities to make adverts more reliable, memorable as well as credible. One of the main is to reach the greater audience represented by the celebrity fan’s bases.

Celebrity endorsement

Famous 2018 advertisements:

New Lux Saffron Glow – The secret to bright, fragrant skin endorsed by Kareena Kapoor Khan

Unveiling Kotak 811 with Superstar Ranveer Singh – Kotak Mahindra Bank

How does celebrity endorsement benefit:

Celebrity endorsement benefits in several ways:

  1. Direct Sale: Well, really that all a company wants. Suppose a person who is a fan of Deepika Padukone watching the new ad in which she wears Nike shoes perhaps there is Nike store close to him then result can be an immediate sale.
  2. Awareness: If the advertiser uses a celebrity in their ads then consumer gets more attractive and it makes the advertisement memorable.  It’s known as awareness. According to research, it found that 80% of people forget about the info mentioned in ads but always almost remember the celebrity.
  3. Confidence: People always trust whoever is famous. They think that why would celebrity buy the poor quality product. So using celebrity makes the brand trustworthy as well as reliable.
  4. Loyalty: If a follower is loyal for his/her favorite basketball player then it can be possible his/her may be loyal for endorsing brand too.

Celebrity Social Media Endorsement

In the present scenario, Celebrity endorsement takes a new turn that is Celebrity Social Media Endorsement.  Social Media helps in many ways.

Celebrities endorse business on social media as well and you won’t believe according to the survey now the phones haven’t stopped ringing. Celebrity promotes any product on their social media account and people get attracted instantly.

A related website gets thousands of viral online traffic from people looking to buy what the celebrities are promoting.  That’s because social media has a tremendous local reach and the celebrity has thousands of follower who are the true believers and take action on their opinion.

A single Celebrity Post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter about any company or business create a surge and sends the rush of the consumer on your website and store to find out more and buy.

Finally, the fact is, you are in the crowded marketplace and you have to stand out your business form the crowd. You need to punch through that noise and connect to that customer whose buying behavior is based on the recommendation of the celebrity.


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