Chandi Bhasma – An Ayurvedic Remedy For Your Brain Health

Ayurveda is well known for its Rasa Shastra branch. This branch prepares medical formulations from various metals and other elements. Silver or Rajat is one of the precious metals. However, it is commonly used for making ornaments. But it has multiple medicinal properties which are unknown to common people. Chandi Bhasma is such an ayurvedic preparation of silver. It is also known as Rajat Bhasam and Ropya Bhasam. This formulation is extensively used since ancient times. Chandi Bhasam is widely used for its effect on the brain and mind. According to classical ayurvedic texts, it is referred to as the best medicine to sharpen your mind and enhance memory. This medicine is of great use to students and young adults who are highly involved in studies. Let's go through all the benefits of this efficient drug and know more about it.

Silver Suitable For Preparing Bhasam

Silver is generally found in several forms. It has native form, ore form, and also artificial Bhasam. Silver having the following properties is considered as the best one to form bhasam-

It should be HARD, HEAVY, OILY, SOFT on heating or cutting, and MOON WHITE colored.

Purification of Silver

Before preparing Bhasam of any metal, it should be purified. All the metals and elements consist of some harmful particles. Before administering them to the human body, they should be removed. Firstly, a plain leaf-like structure is formed from silver. Then it is heated and quenched. It is quenched seven times each in sesame oil, buttermilk, cow urine, kanji, and kulathlentils, respectively. Now the silver is ready to prepare Bhasam.

Method of Preparation

Firstly take purified swarnmakshik and masticate it with the help of wild lemons. Make a paste-form of it. Then apply this paste to thin sheets of silver. Then close these sheets into the samputt and close it with mud cloth. Now heat this samputt to 30 putts. Open it after self-cooling. Now the best form of Chandi Bhasam is ready. Pure and best Chandi Bhasma is blackish.

Ayurvedic Properties Of Chandi Bhasma


What Are The Benefits Of Chandi Bhasam

Chandi Bhasam is not a drug for a single disease. From ancient times it is used as the most common drug. This drug cures several diseases when taken with specific adjuvants. It cures several Neurological disorders, Psychological disorders, Abdominal disease, Respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, Kidney disorders, sexual problems, and various skin infections.

It not only cures one's disease but also increases immunity and strengthens one's body and mind. This drug is a great memory enhancer and calms your mind.

Mental Health

The current generation is the digital generation. Every day we work on computers, mobiles, etc., which uses our brain comparatively more. Due to excessive work, excessive burden, stress, insomnia, excessive studies keep our brain highly involved. This leads to an aggravation of vata in our bodies, which in turn leads to loss of memory, mental strength, and mental health. But for all these, Chandi Bhasma is the best remedy. You can take it with crushed almonds and white pepper. This combination is best to calm your mind and keep it healthy.

Physical Strength

According to Ayurveda major cause for pain is the aggravated Vata. Either natural due to our food habits and daily routine, vata aggravates in the body. Maximum physical work is also the primary cause of vata disturbance. This aggravated vata leads to weakness and body aches as Chandi Bhasam is a vatashamak drug. It calms the aggravated vata and strengthens one's body as vata is also responsible for bowel movements. This drug also supports your intestinal tract and maintains bowel movements. This weakness may also lead to other complications like stiffness, pain, agitation, and irritability, etc. But Chandi Bhasam is a perfect cure to all these problems.

Vision Impairment

Chandi Bhasam is also a drug of choice for various vision impairments. It is prescribed along with GandhakRasayana, swarnmakshikBhasam, PravaalPishtito to cure acute and chronic conjunctivitis. This drug also shows significant impacts on vision loss. Vision loss is common nowadays due to excessive eye exercises. It may also arise due to extreme heat, sun heat, excessive anger, and optic nerve injury.


Chandi Bhasma is a great anti-inflammatory drug as atherosclerosis is caused by inflammation of the inner walls of the blood vessels. Therefore Chandi Bhasma is also able to cure this by its anti-inflammatory actions. Atherosclerosis is not caused due to Cholesterol itself, but it is due to inflammation, which leads to atherosclerosis. Chandi Bhasam is potent ayurvedic medicine to cure atherosclerosis.

Sexual Debilities

Nowadays, due to stress and weaker mental health. Males are more prone to sexual debilities. Debilities like impotence, oligospermia are very common. There are many causes for these disorders. Weakness in nerves and muscles is also a significant cause. Chandi Bhasam strengthens these nerves and muscles and cures these disorders. When taken with Triphala and DashmoolamArishtam, it cures Male Infertility due to pus in seminal fluid. Check here my other content on Dashmularishta, an Ayurvedic Remedy to Help New Mothers Regain Lost Energy.

Other Benefits

  • It strengthens the nerves and improves blood circulation. That's why it is also useful in case of chronic paralysis.
  • It enhances the functioning of the brain, nerves, and neurotransmitters. Therefore it is responsible cure brain disorders like epilepsy and hysteria.
  • In the case of tuberculosis, if burning sensation and excessive sweating are major symptoms. Then Chandi Bhasam is definitely the drug of choice for TB.
  • Chandi Bhasam is an expensive but best drug in case of pain due to hemorrhoids. This drug definitely cures long-lasting persistent pain.
  • Chandi Bhasam improves blood circulation in the whole body. It is also able to cure gangrene. Gangrene causes intense pain and burning sensation in the skin in the infected areas. Chandi Bhasam reduces these symptoms and cures gangrene.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Chandi Bhasma?

There are no side effects of this ancient drug. People of every age can take this drug. It is easily tolerable to the human body. But you should take the following precautions-

  • You should consult an ayurvedic physician before taking this drug.
  • You should not take more amount than the prescribed dose. It may have harmful effects.
  • You should go for the pure and branded Bhasam. Beware of local drugs. I will mention further the best brands to go for.
  • Take this drug only for the course prescribed by the physician.

Dosage And Administration Of Chandi Bhasam

Ayurvedic doses are majorly based on the strength of the patient. And how many doses the patient can tolerate. The common dose for the patients is the 4th part to 1 part of 1 Ratti (125mg).

  • For children below 5 years of age- 30mg per dose (1mg/kg of body weight). The dose should not exceed 60 mg per day.
  • For children above 5 years of age –30 mg to 65 mg
  • Adults – 65 mg to 125mg
  • Maximum dosage – 125mg twice a day (total 250 mg per day )

It is advisable to take Chandi Bhasam twice a day (2 times a day in divided doses).

The right time to take Chandi Bhasam is before the meal in the morning and evening.

Anupan (Adjuvant) To Take Chandi Bhasma

To boost up the effect of the Chandi Bhasam. It is recommended to take it along with the prescribed adjuvants. The common adjuvants for Chandi Bhasam are Honey, Ghee, Butter, Malai and Mishri.

To cure specific diseases by using Chandi Bhasam, you need specific adjuvants to get the best results. Some of them are mentioned here. Also, read how you can boost your immunity with jaggery without thinking about calories. 

Disorder Adjuvants
Vata-pitta disorders Triphala powder
Vata disorders

AbhrakBhasam, Vansalochan, Green Cardamom, GiloySatva and Honey.
Pitta disorders Gulkand or AmlaMurabba
Eye disorders TriphalaGhrit
PilesPsyllium Husk
Mental Disorders Green Cardamom + Cow’s Ghee+ Misri
Fever or T.B.TrikatuChurna + Honey
Mental Fatigue Ashwagandha
Persistent Cough Butter
Urinary Disorders and Diabetes AbhrakBhasam + Ginger juice

Various Brands To Buy Chandi Bhasam

Selecting the best medicine for your health is excellent. But getting is pure and best of it is not an easy job. Nowadays, a lot of adulteration is found in such expensive drugs. And impure drug use may further cause adverse effects to your body. So, to your help, I am listing here some best brands to buy Chandi Bhasam.

Dabur Chandi Bhasma

chandi bhasma

Dabur is one of the most famous brands for ayurvedic products. It serves this miraculous drug in 2.5 grams pack. Dabur claims its manufacturing with pure products. This rajatbhasam is an excellent drug for your mental health and peace. It balances the vitiated vata and Kapha doshas in the body. It is a great body pain killer and immune booster. Dabur Chandia Bhasma is readily available in markets and also on websites like amazon.

Get it Here

Lama Chandi Bhasma

Lama pharmaceuticals are providing us ayurvedic medicines since 1982. It has established its name in the ayurvedic industry. This brand manufactures ayurvedic products according to classical methods. The Chandi Bhasam prepared by this brand is best at curing fever and dry cough. Insomniac patients can also go for this product. It also cures memory loss, anxiety, and mental weakness. This brand is well known for its purity, quality, and authenticity. It is beneficial in the case of general debility and uterine diseases.

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Dhanwantri Chandi Bhasma

chandi bhasam

Dhanwantri brand also manufactures this incredibly beneficial drug. The pack consists of 2 grams of the drug. This is a powdered and bhasam form of medicine. Physicians recommend this drug as a balyavardhak (strength enhancer). But this medicine is helpful in many ways. You can also use it for the fairness of skin. It is suitable for females in case of dysmenorrhea. You can buy it easily on amazon during this pandemic. Its natural properties heal your body and mind to their best.

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Baidyanath Chandi Bhasam

Baidyanath, as per its title “ASLI AYURVEDA,” provides you this drug in pure form. This drug is unisex in use. It is a calcified ayurvedic drug obtained from pure silver. It is extensively used for male sexual disorders like oligospermia. Chandi Bhasma is also advisable for organ enlargements in the body like liver and spleen enlargement. This drug is best to cure physical strength and neurological disorders. This drug is readily available on amazon. It is available in a single form and also in combination with other drugs like shilajit.

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Nowadays, due to our hectic schedules, everyone is going through mental stress. And in all this, the thing we are ignoring is our health. This mental stress makes you more prone to several other serious health issues. So this article was all about Chandi Bhasma. This drug will help you cope with this mental stress. And also will give you physical strength. Get all the essential information and buy yourself this miraculous drug. Give crucial mental calm and strength to your body.

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