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Work  From Home came as a great solution to this lockdown period. But it was possible only by the use of computers and laptops. Continuous operating of these devices leads to several defaults and needs repair. But getting the best repair services is also a major problem. We need instant, best, and reasonably priced services. This article shows up the top 10 Computer Repair Services In Bathinda & some of the must-have Laptop Accessories. Repair your computers and laptops at the instant and choose the best according to your problem. Some of these also provide you wide range of new computers and devices associated with them.

Types of Computer Repair Services

Let's have a look at some of the services offered by expert computer repair companies.

Computer diagnostic

When a user is unable to determine the nature of the problem that the system is experiencing, a diagnostic service is necessary. Computer problems can be either hardware or software-related, and both can be readily resolved by professional assistance, either on-site or by taking the system to a service facility.

Computer tune-up

Tuning services for the computer's different electronic components are frequently required. Cleaning the fans, CPU drain, and other components regularly will help you avoid many computer troubles. The computer repair shops also provide software tune-up services. If properly calibrated, the computer will stop wasting power, memory, and computing resources.

Virus Removal

If the system has been infected with a virus, spyware, or malware, virus removal is a common reason for PC repair. In most cases, a computer service center puts an antivirus program on the computer, which aids in the recovery of infected computers.

Networking Services

Businesses that use many computers connected typically require this type of service. Computers can be networked with or without a wire, depending on the business's specific needs and the sort of networking that best suits them. Business productivity is boosted by effective networking.

Data Back up

Because businesses must secure data from consumers and clients, data backup is a critical part of any firm. Effective data backup can help you do this. It's a one-time setup that's met with expert assistance. A physical or cloud-based data backup service can be used.

List of Best Computer Repair Services in Bathinda

Ask IT Support

Situated in model phase 1, Ask It Support is the topmost and provides the best computer repair services in Bathinda. They provide every service related to computers and laptops. They are well hired with the best technicians. Additionally, they avail you of the original brand devices and brand-specific technicians. Ask it support provides 30 days warranty on their services. Their services are rapid and satisfactory. If you are looking for services at your doorstep, this is the best option. They provide services like Networking issues, Printer Repair, Software Installation, Power problems, AMC Services, Data Backup, Hardware Issues, and many more. You can also Visit Our Website Ask IT Support.

Call Now At 7009190893

Asia Electronics & Computer Repair Centre

This computer repairing center is situated on the Main Ajit Road of Bathinda. They not only provide services in computer repairing but also in other electronics. Their services are up to the mark. They deal with computer and laptops repairing and provide services with printers and scanners. They are best at refilling tonner and computer repair services in Bathinda. This is one of the ancient service shops established in 2000. Asia electronic is renowned for its 100% virus removing services.

Shubham InfoTech System

Shubham InfoTech provides you brand-authorized computer repair services in Bathinda. They are located in Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar, Behind Easy Day. Shubham Info Tech is a one roof solution for computer users. They are not only good at their services but are also dealers for various brands. Moreover, they have a wide range of computers, laptops, printers, scanners, and other accessories. They also deal with Network solutions and IP or CCTV Cameras. Shubham Info Tech is an authorized dealer in cartridges, tonners, and printers. They provide you instant services but lack at providing it to your doorstep.

Laptop Care Point

If you are looking for your Mac book repair, go to this shop without hesitation. They provide special services for Apple products. Their technician is a specialist in chip level repair and provides the best computer repair services in Bathinda. They deal majorly in laptop repairing and are a seller of laptop accessories. Laptop Care Point is located near Goll Diggi Market, Mall Road, Bathinda. They provide you with an instant and a wide range of services. Their services range from microchip level to major hardware issues. Used laptops are also available at Laptop Care Point at reasonable prices.

Shivam Computers

Another provider of computer repair services in Bathinda is Shivam Computers. It is located behind the railway station, fish market, Bathinda.  Its location makes it easily accessible to people from nearby areas. They repair your computer and laptops at very reasonable prices. They’re especially renowned for repairing motherboard defaults. Shivam Computers also deals in laptop and computer accessories at wholesale prices. Software facilities like data recovery and backup are also available. CCTV and mobile associated accessories are also available here. They deal in new CCTV and their installation. As per their tag line, they deal in both sales and services.

I Fix That

Located on the popular 100 feet road of Bathinda, I Fix a complete solution to all your repairing needs. They are best at providing computer repair services in Bathinda. However, they provide repair services for all the electronics. They are available both at their shop and your doorstep. They deal in both hardware and software issues but are specialists in resolving hardware problems. Mobile repair services and accessories are also available at I Fix That. They are great at their services and prices.

Just Connect IT Services

Visit this showroom to have a glimpse of a wide range of IT products. You can purchase the one according to your needs. There is a difference in purchasing a product offline, as you can see the features before purchasing. They also deal in computer repair services in Bathinda. They have a great range of Computers, Laptops, Printers, Intercom phones, CCTV’s, Listening Classes, Biometric systems and many more. In addition, they provide repair services for all brands and in every IT product. They have great technicians and solution to your every problem. Just Connect IT Services is located on Bibi Wala Road, Near Bakshi Hospital, Bathinda.

Silicon Computers

Renowned for their software services, Silicon Computers have a well-established name in Bathinda. Silicon Computers is a software developer store. They deal in software and computer repair services in Bathinda. They are the best software service providers in Bathinda. Their store is located on powerhouse Road, Bathinda. They provide a solution to all the software issues in your laptops and computers. You can also contact them if you want to prepare a PC according to your specifications. Silicon computer designs PC to meet your every requirement. They provide doorstep services. Both online and cash payment options are available. Also, check out the Top Best Wireless Earbuds to buy in 2021.

NK. Computer Accessories

NK is a dealer in all computer and laptop accessories and peripherals. They provide laptop and computer repair services in Bathinda. They deal in both new and second-hand laptops. Used laptops are available here in good condition at a very reasonable price. They provide repair services for computers, laptops, screens, and typewriters, etc. They are an authorized dealer for Brand ASUS laptops. All types of keyboard, mouse, battery, hinge, and other accessories are available. They have a wide range of accessories ranging from microdevices to hardware. Their store is located at Birla Mill Road, Backside Bahia Fort, Bathinda.

KPT Computers

KPT computers provide online services all over the nation. They deliver laptops of various brands at their best prices. They have both online and cash-on-delivery modes of payment. But they also provide computer repair services in Bathinda. They provide a one-day delivery option in Bathinda. Their offline store is located at Public Library Shopping Complex, Bathinda. KPT computers are known for their wholesale prices as they provide branded products at very reasonable rates compared to online and exclusive stores.

My Choice For Computer Repair Services in Bathinda

So, if you are looking to get your PC or laptop repaired, this article will help you a lot. As per my view, Ask IT Support provides you with the best services. They have a variety of options and provide facilities at your doorstep. So you don’t need to step out in this corona period. Some provide better software services, whereas some are good at hardware services. But Ask IT Support is best at solving every solution. They are just a single call away.

Must-Have Laptop Accessories

To get the most out of your laptop, here are six must-have laptop accessories.

Laptop Bag

computer repair services in bathinda

Because it's been said that safety comes first, a laptop bag gets the top rank on this list. Without a bag or case, you can't take your laptop to work or anywhere else. It's quite dangerous, and it might cost you hundreds of rupees. Consider the following scenario: you're carrying a laptop without a bag, and it starts to rain. Unthinkable. Right? So hurry up and click below to get one of your choices.

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Cleaning Kit 

laptop accessories

There are several difficult-to-clean spots on your laptop. As a result, dust and filth accumulate over time. To maintain long life and optimal performance, it is essential to keep your laptop clean and tidy, which is why cleaning supplies should be considered. These little brushes and cleaning solutions get into the tightest spots and effectively remove the dust.

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Laptop Stand

laptop accessories

A laptop stand is ideal for everyone. This laptop stands from STRIFF can be easily folded and carried around. It also aids in lifting the laptop to the proper viewing angle to reduce eye strain. Moreover, it has huge cut-out vents and adjustable height options to allow air to circulate from all sides, preventing your computer from overheating.

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Cooling Pads

computer repair services in bathinda

If you're going to be using your laptop for a lengthy period of time, you'll need a cooling pad to keep it cool. A cool pad is an essential but undervalued accessory since few people realize its significance, purpose, and benefits. You should acquire a cooling pad if you want to extend your laptop's life and avoid significant heating issues.

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Portable USB Flash Drive 

These tiny gadgets are small enough to fit in your pocket and hold up to 1 TB of data. A USB Flash Drive is an ideal storage companion for your laptop, as it is quite useful for transferring vital files.

You don't need to spend a lot of money on a large storage drive, but a 4 or 8 GB USB drive is necessary for day-to-day data transfers and should always be in your laptop bag.

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External Hard Disk Drive 

laptop accessories

External hard disc drives are ideal for storing unimaginable amounts of data as a backup. They may be put into your device just like a USB drive and used to build a backup of your entire system, including images, videos, and games. This frees up space on your laptop and allows you to start over.

External Hard Disk Drives can also be used to share enormous files such as movies, whole discographies of your favorite artists, games, and other media with your friends.

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It's like wearing armor but not having a sword if you have a laptop without these accessories. These interesting laptop accessories will improve the performance of your laptop and increase your productivity. So go ahead and get them right now to get the most out of your laptop. We hope you love this article & please share in the comments section if we have missed something essential & must-have laptop accessory; we would love to add that.

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