Dashmularishta – Ayurvedic Remedy to Help New Mothers Regain Lost Energy

Dashmularishta or Dashmula Arishta is a fermented ayurvedic preparation. It is named so as it comprises roots of 10 ayurvedic herbs along with other drugs. It is one of the best female health tonics. This tonic consists of 3-7 % alcohol. That's why it is easily absorbed and acts ASAP. This product is a great pain reliever. It is mainly prescribed to females for post-delivery recoveries. This 100% pure ayurvedic preparation is a great immunity booster and also strengthens one's body. It is also beneficial in several other diseases and complications. Let's have a look over them in detail.

Key Ingredients in Dashmularishta 

  • Bilva ( Aegle marmelos)
  • Gambhari (Gmelina Arborea)
  • Patla (stereospermum suaveolens)
  • Agnimanth (Premna mucronata)
  • Shyonak (Oroxylum Indicum)
  • Gokshur (Tribulus terresteris)
  • Laghu kantkari (Solanum surattense)
  • Brihat kantkari (Solanum Indicum)
  • Prishan parni (Uraria picta)
  • Shaal parni (Desmodium gangeticum).

Mula (roots) of these ten herbs are majorly used along with 59 more ingredients. Other ingredients like manjishtha, draksha make this tonic more beneficial.

Method Of Preparation

  • Dashmula, along with 44 more drugs, is powdered in coarse form. Then it is boiled along with eight times water of the total weight of the drugs. Then it is boiled and reduced up to half the amount.
  • In another vessel, draksha kwatha is prepared by boiling draksha with 4 times water leads to its reduction to 75 %.
  • Now mix both the preparations in another vessel. Now add gudd (Jaggery) and honey to these preparations. Add the remaining 11 ingredients in the fine powdered form.
  • Now the whole mixture is transferred to a mud vessel. Keep this vessel aside and leave it for 40 days.
  • After 40 days, filter this preparation and add Kasturi to it. Your dashmula arishta is ready to use.
  • Pack and store it in a cool and dry place.

How should you take it, in the morning or night?

You can take this health tonic both morning and night. As per the ayurvedic texts, a one-time dose should be about 20-30 ml. It can be quickly taken twice a day along with water. But it is always be taken after diet. It is not advisable to have it empty stomach. As this is an alcoholic preparation, You should never take it in excess.

What are the benefits of Dashmularishta?

A person can use Dashmula arishta to cure several diseases. But it is highly recommended for lactating women. In ancient ayurvedic texts, this tonic is comparable with amrita for females.

For Females

This tonic is highly beneficial for lactating women. It is advisable to take this tonic after delivery. This drug helps to recover from post-delivery weakness. It also protects lactating women from fever, cough, indigestion, and weakness. This drug enhances milk production in lactating women.

This drug detoxifies and strengthens the female uterus and makes it strong and healthy.

On the other hand, it can also cure infertility to some extent. As per ayurvedic texts, it can cure fertility issues related to the uterus. It is highly recommended for females ‘ infertility issues, whether it is the uterus's weakness or swelling.


This product also has anti-aging properties. Its daily dose will make your skin glow. It also clears your face and improves your complexion. It helps to cure black spots, dark circles, and acne. This will give your skin a natural glow. Click here to know more about an Ayurvedic Tonic for Your Digestive Health.

Immunity Booster

Dashmula arishta is an excellent immune booster also. It helps you fight with common viral, fever, cold and common bacterial infections. It also strengthens your body physically. Especially in females, it increases immunity and pacifies the post-delivery weakness.

Pain Reliever

Due to its pain-relieving properties, this product cure severe body pains. It is best at curing muscular aches. It cures back pain and also relieves the stiffness of the back. You can also use it to cure muscle weakness. It is also helpful in case of chronic back and leg pain.

Improves Digestion & Related Problems

This product has agni deepan properties also. This means it increases your digestive fire. Which will further increase your hunger and also prevent indigestion? After delivery, many females suffer from diarrhea and IBS (Irregular Bowel Syndrome). So this drug also helps to cure these complications.

Stress Buster

Not only physical health, but this drug also improves your mental health. Especially in females, it acts as a great stress buster. It soothes the post-lactation mental stress and improves it. It strengthens one's mind and makes it healthy.

Bone Disorders and Swellings

This tonic is also helpful in case of pains due to bone. It strengthens the bones and cures pain due to the weakness of bones. It cures joint pains also.

You can also use this product in case of swelling. It has anti-inflammatory properties.

Side Effects of Dashmularishta 

Dashmula arishta has no side effects. It is a 100 % pure ayurvedic preparation. But excess of anything is harmful. That's why its excessive intake can lead to the following problems,

  1. Burning sensation in the chest
  2. Ulcers in the oral region or buccal cavity.
  3. Excessive thirst
  4. Diarrhea with a burning sensation
  5. Burning sensation in the stomach.

As this is an alcoholic preparation, one should not consume it in excess. And one should consult with an ayurvedic physician for the same. An ayurvedic physician should fix its amount and duration.

Precautions and Warnings of Dashmularishta

  1. As this is an alcoholic preparation, so stay away from activities that may lead to problems.
  2. You should never take it in excess and other than the prescribed dose.
  3. You should not give it to children below 3 years of age.
  4. It consists of sweetening agents; diabetic patients should take care of that.
  5. Its use during pregnancy should be limited.

How to buy this product online?

If you want to get yourself one, you can buy this product online. This miraculous ayurvedic health tonic will help you give both physical and mental strength. If you have lactating women at home, then you should go for the one. I am listing here some brands which provide this product online.

List of Various Brands of Dashmularishta

Baidyanath Ayurvedic Tonic Dashmularishta


Baidyanath being India's largest ayurvedic medicine manufacturer provides this product also. It serves this health tonic in a 450 ml pack. This product is an excellent health tonic and pain reliever. Baidyanath dashmula arishta is highly useful in lactating or menopausal women. Its plastic bottle packing serves you an unbreakable experience. Also, click here to check Ayurvedic treatment of PCOS.

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Kerala Ayurveda Dasamool Arishtam

Dashmula Arishta

Southern India has always been the best in adopting Ayurveda. Kerala Ayurveda is a south India-based ayurvedic manufacturing company. It supplies ayurvedic drugs in their purest forms at reasonable rates. Its 435ml pack comes in a plastic bottle at a very affordable price. This product will help you boost your immunity. Due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, you can use it as a general painkiller. For females, it also helps to get rid of menstrual pain. Get yourself this 100% pure ayurvedic health tonic.

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Sandu Dashmularishta

Dashmula Arishta

This product helps get rid of daily body aches (Vata Disorders in Ayurveda). Get this product online and see how much beneficial it is? This brand also provides this health tonic in a 450ml pack. This product will offer you long-term relief from several chronic pains. For females, it helps their uterus to regain its normal shape and size post-pregnancy. This ayurvedic tonic enables you to strengthen your body and mind. Females can also take it in case of infertility. This product is best to cure post-natal weakness.

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Dabur Dashmularishta


Dabur is another brand you can entirely rely on. Whenever we think about an ayurvedic product, we think of Dabur first. Dabur provides you this product also. Dabur supplies this product in a 450 ml pack bottle with no expiry date. As this is a fermented preparation, it never gets expires. It will get more effective over time. It works effectively to cure general weakness and fatigue in women. The doctor highly recommends Dabur Dashmul arishta to cure post-delivery weakness.

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Guapha Ayurveda Dasamoolam Arishta Strong


Guapha Ayurveda is another genuine ayurvedic product manufacturing brand. This brand prepares medicines with proper techniques and according to ayurvedic texts. This brand assures 100% pure and organic products. Its Dashmul arishta is highly recommended for women. It strengthens the myometrial muscles of the uterus to achieve proper shape and contractions. This product is also helpful in case of anemia. It is a must-buy tonic for after-delivery care of the mother.

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Dashmularishta is one of the ancient ayurvedic medicine. This tonic has miraculous effects on females. Several changes take place in the female body at different stages of life. This leads to excessive weakness in females, especially post-pregnancy. At this stage, this tonic helps to regain both physical and mental health. So buy this one for yourself and your close ones. And see how a small dose of this tonic will boost your life. This tonic will make the new mothers physically strong to face the rigors of motherhood.

Namita Singla
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