Forex Fury is Making Waves in 2022

Expert Advisors (EAs) or trading robots are no new in the trading world. They help traders monitor different currency pairs at a go. They also eliminate the need to stay in front of their computers just to track their currencies.

With trading robots like Forex Fury, traders can overcome trading challenges due to lack of trading plans consistency, diligence and speed, and time limitations. Since they have no emotions that may interfere with the trade executions, they stick to the set trading strategies, preventing unwanted results that often result from psychological strains.

Trading robots operate without fear, ego, or greed. In forex trading, fear is one of the most significant obstacles traders often deal with. This emotion serves as a preventive force, restricting traders from making the right decisions. As for greed, it allows traders to indulge in random trading. These emotions are not present in the trading bots.

Since we do not want our emotional vices to impact our trading decisions and performances, we tried the Forex Fury. The surprising thing is that it does eliminate not only unnecessary emotions when trading but also delivers impressive trading results. We have been using it since 2020, and we are happy to know that it is set to make waves in 2022.

What to Expect from Forex Fury in 2022?

The introduction of Forex Fury V5 Beta offers users free lifetime updates. The latest version provides a new set of developments and features in the software. So, we were not surprised to see more traders downloading the V5 Beta.

What to Expect from Forex Fury

We have already tried this latest version, and here are our experiences so far:

Reliable News Filter

The Forex market is always unpredictable, making traders doubt when to place a trade. While they can detect the market trends, these trends are still undetectable once events and news affect the market. In return, their trades are impacted negatively.

That is why we appreciate that Forex Fury’s latest version has included a reliable news filter. This feature helps prevent us from trading on unfavorable market movements. We appreciate that it is quick and easy to use, so we do not need to do some research on how it works. It helps us avoid the volatility that may result in significant problems in the future.

Trend Filter

Aside from the news filter, Forex Fury has already introduced the trend filter in its latest version. This feature assists the trading bit trade in trending conditions. We add the customizable slow- and fast-moving average when making it possible.

Every time we want to figure out what is happening to the price, we follow the trends. On the other hand, we find it challenging to define the trends. So, we use the Forex Fury’s trend filter to determine those trends. In return, we can quickly narrow down the timeframes either from days to hours or days to months.

We consider the trends as our comrade when trading. Using the trend filter, we have a better chance of gaining more profits than going trendless. After we figure out the trend, we start doing the core functions like creating and preserving capitals.

Money Management Adjustments 

Part of the innovations that happened in Forex Fury is the money management adjustments. This feature is helpful to us when ensuring a stable trading performance. It also promotes sustainable long-term growth.

We know some novice traders who use Forex Fury, and they are confident when placing trades because of the low-risk environments. They can expect significant returns while staying worry-free about investment risks.

Overall, these adjustments in the money management feature help traders feel confident when trading since they have nothing to worry about the risk of loss.

Martingale Strategy Adjustments

Another adjustment in the Forex Fury V5 is in the martingale strategy. This feature is useful whenever we trade in an expanding market in which trading pairs only result in small kickbacks and make a comeback from the primary trend.

One of the main advantages of using the martingale strategy is that it allows us to take profits a little lower when making subsequent orders instead of every other order that may trigger a static volume. This feature is also beneficial when everything is flat, where there is a narrow price range.

Whenever we notice that the market is about to decline, we immediately use the martingale strategy.

No More Reversal Strategy

If traders find the reversal strategy helpful, its removal can be bad news. The primary purpose of this feature is to do the original logic’s opposite. It is dedicated to traders who optimized a great short. On the other hand, the majority of traders see this feature as unhelpful.


Expert advisors like Forex Fury are designed to deliver safe, fast, and secure trading results alongside profitable results. We agree that Forex Fury provides a 93 percent winning track record. It allows traders to access its Forex Fury MyFXBooks accounts easily and even check them in detail. It is also compatible with MT4 and MT5 platforms.

Forex Fury MyFXBooks

This trading robot features money management and a low-risk strategy that helps traders, particularly novice ones, place trades confidently without worrying about the risks of loss. Many traders would also appreciate the trading bot’s customer support team. All customer representatives are well-trained and knowledgeable about the product to answer all questions expertly. The installation process is straightforward, thanks to the user manual and video tutorials.

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