Top Healthier Salt Brands in India 2020 with Price

Salt production in India reaches on the higher level. Moreover, India becomes the thirds largest producer of salt. India is famous for their iodized salt production in the world and stands on top in term of production and quality of salt. There are many salt producers available in India, known for the pure, quality, and iodized salt.

Indians are used to consuming the double amount of salt which should be 5-6gms a day. Therefore, it is essential for Indians to choose the best brand of salt regarding purity and quality. There are many salt producer in India, and you can count on them.

Tata Salt

Tata is India’s national branded salt also known as the “Desh ka Namak.” Every mite of Tata salt ensures the purity and quality as well. It has an adequate amount of iodine which is beneficial for mental development.  It offers consumer healthier and hygienic salt.

Over the years, Tata salt has produced new products in their product line to meet the consumer’s need and requirement. It is adding Tata salt plus, Tata Rock Salt, Tata Black salt, Tata salt lite to its product line. Its aim to improve the nation’s health through its productivity.

Tata Salt

Price Approximate ₹19/kg

Sundar Health Salt

Sundar Health salt is cooking salt with multiple healthy ingredients in it. It provides important micronutrients to your families like iodine, vitamin A, vitamin B12, iron, Zinc, Folic acid, and other materials on a daily basis. Its taste remains same with multiple nutrients.

It has a tagline “Enriched with Micronutrients for Daily Cooking.” It also improves productivity or work performance in adults. The micronutrients in the salt are stable during the storage, cooking and highly bioavailable.

sundar Salt

Price Approximate ₹45/kg

Keya Salt

Keya is India’s one of the most famous and trustable food brand. Keya produces pure iodized table salt that adds perfection to your food. Keya Salt helps to cook incredible delicious food. It has the best and finest ingredients that boost your energy. Its authentic taste, premium quality and easy to use sprinkle make kaya salt a must have in every kitchen.

They follow the best quality standard and remain customer satisfaction on the top priority. It ensures that its taste, nutrition, flavors remain uniform during the automated process. It is also available in ready to use dispenser pack.

Price Approximate ₹25/kg

Annapurna Salt

Annapurna is a brand of Hindustan Unilever Limited which is a global company selling fast moving consumer goods. They create products that help people to look good and feel good. Annapurna Salt is one of the most popular products of HUL, pure in quality, organic and hygiene for health.

Annapurna iodized salt provides right level on iodine while being pure, free-flowing salt. Annapurna crystal salt has launched to meet the needs of south Indian customers. They also ensure that there is no loss of iodine during the process of storage, transportation, and cooking as well.


Catch Salt

The catch is one of the famous Food providers brands in India, has gained popularity as ‘Sprinklers.’ Catch table salt available in ready to use dispenser pack as a tin. Which can be placed on the dining table and easy to sprinkle according to need.

Catch salt is an iodized salt which helps in reducing the risk of iodine deficiency. It contains an adequate amount of nutrition, calcium, and iodine, moreover, take care of a thyroid gland problem. It is accessible to dissolvable in any food, smooth and free-flowing. Catch has a wide range of products like Crystal Rock Salt, Pink Rock Salt, Black Pepper, Magic Masala, Italian Seasoning, and Black Salt.

Catch Salt

Price Approximate ₹27/200gm

Saffola Salt

Saffola is popular as a kitchen and health care brand. Which produced Salt, loaded with the richness of taste, the goodness of iodine as it is extracted directly from the sea. It has calcium, potassium, and minerals. Its low sodium content reduces the risk of high blood pressure and ensures a healthy heart.

It is a national and trustable brand, believes in customer satisfaction and never compromises with the health of costumer.

Saffola Salt

Price Approximate ₹31/kg

Aashirvaad Salt

Aashirwaad Salt is a well-known brand known for kitchen ingredients as well as the staple food. Moreover, famous for its quality, purity and trustworthy as well. Now producing high quality, pure, free-flowing, and iodized salt.

It’s easy and clean handling as well as storage. Salt is obtained directly from the seawater or brine in the shallow basin by sunlight and wind. After passing through many cleaning processes, iodized remains the same. It fulfills your family’s iodized requirement.

Aashirvaad Salt

Price approximate ₹15/kg

Nirma Shudh

Nirma Shudh salt was launched with many health benefits. Over the years becomes India’s most reliable salt brand. It is made up of the vacuum drying process. Automatic production process ensures that product quality, iodine content, free flow nature, saltiness, whiteness and the size of the granules is maintained.

It is safe for health, therefore India’s high-quality salt brand with low price. Nirma Sudh Salt price is approx Rs. 8/kg.

Nirma Shudh salt

Price Approximate ₹8/kg

Patanjali Namak

Patanjali had launched its new product named with Patanjali iodine namak with the promise of high quality and purity. Patanjali has been satisfying their customer since 2006, moreover, became the most trustable salt brand.

It works on premium and natural sea salt. The brand offers iodized salt in two types of attractive packing of 1kg packets and half kg packets. They believe in honesty with no compromise with quality and purity. Patanjali is selling its iodized salt Rs12/kg.

Patanjali Namak

Price Approximate ₹12/kg

Akar Salt

Akar Salt has been satisfying its customer needs since the last 55 years. It is pure, refined and free-flowing. It is available in both table salt and crystal form.

It is very natural and pure, therefore gets dissolve easily in food and make it tastier. Price for Akar Salt is approx Rs.18/kg.


Price Approximate ₹18/kg

Iodine Health Benefits

Iodine Health Benefits

  • Iodine controls body base metabolic rate
  • Iodine maintains optimal energy levels
  • Iodine forms healthy & shiny skin
  • Iodine boots immune system
  • Iodine stimulates hormonal activity
  • Iodine flushes out chemical toxins
  • Iodine Helps Stabilize Your Mood
  • Iodine Maintains Strong Teeth and Bones
  • Iodine Helps Prevents Hair Loss
  • Iodine Ensures Reproductive Health
  • Iodine Is a Powerful Antioxidant
  • Iodine Is a Natural Antiseptic
  • Iodine Protects You From Radiation
  • Iodine Protects the Body From Toxins
  • Iodine Helps Your Brain Stay Sharp

The salt has various health benefits, therefore add salt to your food and make your food tastier and healthy.  Add flavor to your diet by choosing to 10 India Salt Brand.

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