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If you are searching for iPulse or Indusviva then you are at the right place and your search ends here. My today's article is focused on a miraculous health drink that may shock you. So let's begin.

Nowadays people are getting more conscious about their health. Due to the hectic schedule, we are not able to take proper care of our bodies, resulting in many types of diseases. It all starts with a poor diet.

Research from NASA shows that a normal person needs to consume at least 3.5 kgs of garden-fresh fruits, vegetables in organic form preferably of different types and colours in his or her diet on a daily basis. Now that’s a lot of fruits for a single person to consume in a day. We all know that nature has provided us with three types of Diets (vegetarian, nonvegetarian, and fruitarian). Fruitarian diet is taken by very fewer people, we can see all of the famous Hollywood and Bollywood stars which prefer a fruitarian diet for their fitness. Fruitarian diet consists of a major proportion of diet in the form of fruits.

But the main problem is that the common and mostly middle-class people like us don’t believe in the fruitarian diet. So, how to complete that amount of nutrients and antioxidants that we need in our diet. It is clear that one cannot eat 3.5 kgs of fruits and vegetables in his daily diet due to a tightly packed schedule and our bad craving for fast food.

There are lots of medicines in the market which provide us different kinds of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients which are necessary for our day to day life, but in the end, they are artificial and put some harmful impact on our health in long term.

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What to do?
Here comes “I-pulse”. I-pulse is full of antioxidant and it has is another blend of superfruits. It is a concentrate of 15 fruits in the form of juice. The main ingredient of this juice is the Acai berry of Amazon which is very rich in antioxidants. According to research Acai berry is the most powerful immune booster for our body.
Why i-pulse?

I-pulse contains a wide variety of antioxidants (cyanidins, quercetin, anthocyanins, gallic acid, ellagitannins, stilbenes, and ellagic acid) with gluconutrients, trace minerals (iron, calcium. manganese, magnesium), energizing compounds and micronutrients (silica).

I-pulse consists of the extracts from various 15 fruits like Acai berry, cranberry, blueberry, mulberry, strawberry, blackberry, orange, pomegranate, banana, cherry, pear, apple, kiwi, white grape, concord grape, and pineapple.

Benefits of i-pulse


The nutrition value of 60ml of i-pulse is equivalent to nutrition from 3.5kgs of fresh garden fruits and vegetables. It is equal to 70 glasses of orange juice’s vitamin C and has an antioxidant value equal to 100 cups of green tea.

Immune booster

The daily consumption of i-pulse helps to improve the immune system of our body. It means that it increases the power of the body to fight with various types of viruses and bacteria.

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Rich in antioxidants

The i-pulse is highly rich in antioxidants. The oxygen we intake in our body reacts and oxidates with our body. To prevent this our body already has antioxidants but due to poor diet it leads to an imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants in our body and results in a condition called oxidative stress. Which leads to aging, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease or heart diseases, stroke, infertility, and cancer. To combat this oxidative stress our body needs adequate antioxidants. A normal person needs at least 5000 ORAC values of antioxidants in daily life whereas a diseased person needs even more. The intake of 60ml of I-pulse provides the 7000ORAC value of antioxidants to our body. It protects the cells of our body and strengthens the cell membranes.

Strengthens the body

The various organic ingredients of I-pulse help to strengthen the organs of the body like eyes, liver, kidneys etc and it helps in the digestion of food. Also, it helps to reduce cholesterol and inhibits platelet aggregation. It provides essential fatty acids and essentials oil to our body which enhances the cellular communication between the body and builds proteins and also strengthens the nervous system.


The blend of various types of fruits enriched with various types of antioxidants limits the various types of harmful effects of oxidative and also detoxifies our body. It neutralizes the free radicals and reactive oxygen species which slowdowns the ageing process.

Good for heart

Resveratrol found in i-pulse is very good and useful for our heart. It improves the functioning of our heart. Resveratrol is basically an extract of black grape seeds which helps to reduce cardiovascular problems.


The Acai berry which is an active ingredient of iPulse has various anticancer properties. It helps to prevent various types of cancer. NASA has developed a space drink AS10 which has Acai berry as an active ingredient, this drink prevents the astronauts from various types of radiation and skin cancer.

Along with all these benefits i-pulse provide a total of 26 major benefits to our body

How to consume?

I-pulse can be consumed by all of the age groups. It is completely safe and side effects free. It can be consumed for a longer period of time and even with other medicines also. Women during pregnancy and lactation periods can also consume I-pulse. It comes in a bottle of 1L and once the bottle is opened or seal is broken it is advisable to store the bottle in a refrigerator.

I-pulse can be consumed in two ways:-

Dilution with water is not required while consumption.

First one

60ml of I-pulse before 30 min of eating anything in the morning daily even before brushing the teeth.

Second one

30ml of i-pulse before 30 min of breakfast and 30ml of iPulse 30 min before dinner.

I-pulse can be safely consumed by people suffering from diabetes and hypertension.

The Ministry of AYUSH department has awarded I-pulse a premium certification due to its various Health Benefits. It clearly signifies that I-pulse is a premium and high-quality product. The formulation of i-pulse is done by the BIOACTIVES which is a Japanese company.

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The world has changed now, as the average life span of humans is decreased as compared to old times. It is all due to the presence of various types of chemicals, pollution, radiation which are in our food. I-pulse contains various types of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids which helps to neutralize the various harmful effects of these chemicals and pollution on our body.

So we can say that I-pulse is complete nutrition on its own. So what are you waiting for…?

Pick your phone and get the product right now by contacting through Whatsapp at the number below.


Priyanka Garg

Priyanka Garg

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  1. Is it compulsory to store ipulse bottle in refrigerator??

  2. Reply
    Kalyankar Gowtham May 1, 2020 at 2:20 pm

    Hw many days should I have to use it

    • Use it for 2 months to get proper & long-lasting result.

    • Hi mam can diabetics use this one

      • Hello ma’am , मेरे पापा एक diabetic patient है। दो साल् पहले prostate cancer का operation हुआ ( जून 2019 ), आज ही हमे पता चला है की अब cancer lungs मे भी हो गया है और किडनी मे पानी आ रहा। उनकी age 61yrs है। क्या i pulse मैडिसिन मेरे पापा के लिए सही रहेगा।

        • Priyanka Garg May 2, 2021 at 10:33 pm

          जी, आपके पापा के लिए iPulse बिलकुल सही रहेगा। मंगवाने के लिए आप कॉल कर लो

      • You can use iPulse for Diabetes. Apart from iPulse, please use iCoffee for Diabetes to get best results.

        Here is the review: https://reviewsin.com/i-coffee-indusviva/

      • Mam it’s have any side effects. How many days it’s continue. Shall I use radiation therapy patients

        • I has no or zero side effects. For more info, please call me. Mobile number is sent to you via Email.

      • Yes, you can use i-pulse and i-coffee for diabetes.

    • At least for 1 month to get the proper result.

  3. I am a patient of Cirrhosis of Liver. May i pulse be beneficial to me and to what extent. Did you have such any case,

  4. I haven’t found it on google search that it will cure piles .why is that.will u plz give me some reliable source.

  5. I’m a patient with paralysis fo5yrs is ipulse good for paralysis?

  6. Yes, it will help since it improves our immune system

  7. Since it helps to boost immunity, it will definitely help in kidney dialysis

  8. Mam,I am having bronchitic asthma,will it help me???
    I already had it once but i found a little bit cough and flum increased,should i continue using it or not??
    please guide me

  9. Is i pulse is good for woman of age 72, who is diabetic and having pains in the joints while climbing stairs. Any side effects

  10. Can it be taken by breast feeding mom
    And how much quantity should be taken.

  11. Hi, I’m suffering Rectal ulcer.ipules cure this ulcer or not?

  12. Hi

    Whether dialysis patients can use this Ipulse and any side effects will be there

  13. Hello Madam,

    Does it help for knee pains..?? , if yes how many months do i need use for better result..??
    Please reply me

  14. anxiety problems occurs after consume of ipulse

  15. Shall we take it for Vitiligo (white patches),will it cures?

  16. hi mam how can i became a distributor and where to get more information about these products am from kerala

  17. For cancer and how can buy this

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