Mahamanjishtyadi Kwath – An Ayurvedic Drug To Detoxifies The Blood

So, my today's article is all about an ayurvedic drug named Mahamanjishtyadi Kwath that detoxifies the blood and improves blood circulation. This efficient Drug purifies the blood and gives you clean and clear skin. Let’s have detailed information about this Drug.

Lifestyle change has become a significant cause of several diseases. Our dietary habits and many more also add to it. The primary reason is unhygienic living habits and more intake of unhealthy junk food. The thing which firstly gets affected is our blood. These things lead to the deposition of toxins in our blood. The toxified blood further impacts the detoxifying organs liver, kidneys, and spleen. This leads to significant health problems. This toxified blood gives rise to pimples, acne, cell death, and many more skin issues. Itching and inflammation of the skin are some of the common symptoms of blood toxicity.

To get rid of all these, we need to detoxify or purify our blood. You can do it in many ways. In Ayurveda, many practices are followed. Panchakarma and rakta mokshana are one of them. But these practices are very much specified. They cannot be done by everyone and are not easily available. So the use of ayurvedic medicines is the best option one can opt for. One of the drugs which are widely used is Mahamanjishtyadi Kwath.

Ingredients in Mahamanjishtyadi Kwath

Mahamanjishtyadi kwath is a drug made up of several herbs. This is not a single herb preparation. All these herbs have their own specific role, according to Ayurveda. The main herb is Manjishta (Rubia Cardifolia,) upon which this Drug is named.

Some of the other Herbs are:

Musta, Kutaja, Guduchi, Kushta, Nagara, Bharngi, Kshudra, Khadira, Chandana, Kiratatikta, Krishna, Shatavari, Asana, Chitraka, Jala, Indravaruni, Ananta, Sariva, Kiratatikta, Bakuchi, Kritamala, Shakhotaka, Karanja, Mahanimba, Bhringaraja, Mahadaru, Patha, Trivrit, Varuna, Parpata, Daruharidra, Triphala, Vibhitaki, Amla, Patola, Katuka, Murva, Vidanga, Asana, Shatavari, Trayamana, Indrayava, Vasa, Vacha, Nimba, Haridra, etc.


Kwath is an ayurvedic decoction made from water extracts of the herbs. All the herbs mentioned above are made into powder form. Then powder of different herbs is mixed and boiled in 16 times water. All the herbs were taken in equal amounts. Then this water is boiled and reduced to one-eighth parts. Then the whole decoction is filtered to obtain the kwath. Now it is self-cooled and is ready to use. This kwath will have all the medicinal properties of these drugs imbibed in them.


This efficient Drug is taken with an equal amount of water. Its minimum dose is 12ml, and the maximum dose is 24ml. It is generally advised to take it before a meal and empty stomach. Either takes it early morning or in evening 2 hours before dinner. You can also consult your dose by an Ayurveda physician. While drinking, you can also add a pinch of long pepper powder and Guggulu to the Drug. You can also take it along with honey and shudh gandhak.

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Benefits of Mahamanjishtyadi Kwath

As there are innumerable herbs in this medicine, so are its benefits. Majorly it works for detoxifying blood but has many other benefits.

Blood Purifier

This incredible drug mainly purifies human blood. This Drug does this in two ways. Firstly Drug itself removes the toxins out of the body. Secondly, it improves the functioning of the liver, kidneys, and spleen. This further increases purification of blood. It also reduces the formation of toxins in the body. Overall this Drug intensely purifies and detoxifies the blood. This results in many more health benefits. Not only blood, but it also detoxifies and removes the obstructions in blood circulation. This results in a natural improvement in blood circulation. As a result, it cures all the diseases generated by blood at their ground level.

Skin Disease

Either it’s delayed wound healing or skin disease like eczema, Mahamanjishtyadi Kwath works for all. It increases the repairing ability of skin cells. That’s why you can use it in any wound healing. It is suitable for diabetic peoples also. It Is also recommended for leprosy, boils, itches, dermatitis, etc. Additionally, it cures the skin issues like Ringworms, Filariasis, etc. It cures all these diseases at their ground level. All these diseases are generated due to impurity in the blood. And due to its blood purifying properties, these diseases are completely healed.

Increasing Skin Complexion

As discussed above, this Drug is an excellent blood purifier. This also improves blood circulation. Improved blood circulation opens the pores of the skin. This enriches the amount of blood in the skin. The more the purity of the blood, the more is the oxygen supply. This efficient supply of oxygen improves the skin tone and complexion. It is also an excellent solution for acne, blackheads, pimples, and other issues. This Drug gives tough competition to harmful chemical cosmetics. It is a great natural skin healer. That’s why it is highly recommended for females. It will provide you with clean and clear skin.


This herbal mixture is also well known for its effect on bone disorders. It cures several issues related to bones and joints. Some common problems are gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis. It provides physical strength to the bones and joints. It also reduces the pain and dissolves the extended bone parts. Due to better blood circulation, it improves the movement of the joints. Thus, it provides a great relief to bone and joint issues. Also, check out this content for stronger bones using these natural treatments.


One suffering from this is always in search of fat cutter products. So is their availability in the market. There are innumerable fat cutter products available in the markets. But they do not ensure you the results. These products highly affect your overall health. But if you want to cut your fat naturally, then you should go for Mahamanjishtyadi Kwath. It does not have any adverse effects on overall health. It does this by balancing the three doshas in the body. Fat responsible Kapha dosha is pacified by this pitta generating Drug.

STDs Like Syphilis

Unprotected coitus causes STDs. But different STDs have different symptoms. Many have some common symptoms like sores. The formation of the sores generally notices their starting stage. This ayurvedic herbal mixture can significantly control this. It is known for its results against these types of STDs. It helps to reduce these sores and other complications. Also, it purifies the blood and diminishes these symptoms. Hence, this Drug is widely used by ayurvedic physicians to cure STDs.

Other Benefits

  • It is a great disinfectant. It cures bacterial and viral infections also.
  • The anti-venom properties in it are used in case of mild venom stings like bee venom.
  • It is also recommended in case of facial and complete paralysis. It improves blood circulation to a great extent. Thus, activating the areas affected.
  • It also shows its results in the case of hypercholesterolemia.
  • The use of this drug is also helpful in various eye diseases.
  • It can also cure urinary tract problems in both males and females. It dissolves the obstructions in the urinary tract.
  • Moreover, it is a great immunity booster. It increases immunity and makes you healthy to fight common diseases.
  • It has great anti-inflammatory properties also.

Side Effects

There are no particular side effects of this herbal mixture. This is an ayurvedic preparation, so being natural is best for overall health. But as every coin has two sides, this may also cause harm. But it all depends on the dosage and other things. Following precautions to take before its use.

  • This drug is not specifically recommended for pittaj Prakriti people, as it enhances the pitta in the body.
  • You should also specify your dose by consulting an ayurvedic physician.
  • Its excess dose can cause adverse effects. So never take its excess dose.
  • Suppose you are taking any allopathic medicine along with this course. Then take this ayurvedic medicine 30 minutes after intake of allopathic one.

Various Brands To Buy Mahamanjishtyadi Kwath

In the past decade, adulteration has become a major cause of health problems. Be it in food items or medicines. It deteriorates human health in both ways. Many local formations are harming human health. So getting the best of the medicine is also a worrisome issue. So to your help, I am mentioning here some best brands to buy Mahamanjishtyadi Kwath.

Dabur Mahamanjishtyadi Kwath – 450ml

Dabur manufactures all these ayurvedic products according to their classic methods. The Mahamanjishtyadi Kwath from Dabur is highly recommended to cure skin disease & to get rid of acne and pimples. It improves the skin complexion also. This product is easily available in the market.

Get it Here

Kerala Ayurveda Mahamanjishtyadi Kwath – 200 ml

Kerala Ayurveda is one of the ancient ayurvedic product manufacturing units. It is providing wellness naturally since 1945. This brand sells this herbal liquid in 200 ml packaging. This product is greatly recommended for the purification of blood and cure skin problems like eczema. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. This product is a great immunity booster. It boosts and maintains immunity to its best. It reduces pain and inflammation, hence recommended in case of gout and arthritis.

Get it Here

Basic Ayurveda Mahamanjishtyadi Kwath (450ml)

Mahamanjishthyadi Kwath

Basic Ayurveda is one of the emerging brands in the Ayurveda industry. This brand ensures pure ayurvedic products prepared by modern research and techniques. They form hygienic products from natural and pure herbs. This brand manufactures Mahamanjishtyadi kwath in a 450 ml pack. This ayurvedic tonic is extensively helpful in curing skin problems. It purifies and detoxifies blood and cures such problems at the ground level. This ensures cure with complete wellness of the body. This product has no side effects as all used herbs are pure.

Get it Here

Dhootapapeshwar Mahamanjishtyadi Kadha

Mahamanjishthyadi Kwath

Dhootapapeshwar also serves this herbal skin tonic. This product improves the skin cells. This ensures clear skin and also prevents skin problems like acne and pimples. It is also helpful in the treatment of vitiligo. This product has also proved itself as a hair solution. It provides hair health and also strengthens them. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it fights and diminishes inflammation and provides relief. It is one of the best products to cure outer skin issues.

Get it Here


Now a day everyone is facing skin problems. It is due to a polluted environment and the UV rays. Many of us are spending too much on chemical cosmetics. But these chemical components do not provide effective results. For such problems, this Mahamanjishthyadi Kwath is an excellent solution. If you are also facing such issues, then you should definitely go for this one. This product is a boon to Ayurveda. Having no side effects, treat your skin with this wonderful herbal skin tonic.

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