6 Most Effective Ways to Make Money From YouTube in 2021

Due to the rising speed of the internet and the availability of the internet at a low cost, the majority of people in India spend their time on YouTube. Using this to your advantage, you can make money from YouTube by starting a YouTube channel.

One of the most significant advantages of YouTube is that there is already a huge audience on YouTube. This is not the case with blogging or other online money-making platforms. In blogging, you have to reach traffic, and it takes a lot of time. Whereas on YouTube, all you have to do is, upload good video material and correctly write video descriptions. If your video content is great, then the audience will do the rest of the work.

YouTube is an excellent and popular platform to earn money online, so there are many questions and answers about Making money from YouTube?

Ways to Make Money From YouTube

To make money from YouTube, the first step is to build your own YouTube channel. You'll need two things to start and maintain a YouTube channel: a computer or smartphone and an internet connection.

If you have all you need, you can start a YouTube channel. You begin working on the channel after it is created, which means you start uploading videos. Your Subscribers will grow as you add videos, and your videos will begin to receive views. There are 6 main ways to make money from YouTube; let's discuss one by one.

Google Adsense

When you watch a YouTube video, you'll notice that there's usually an ad display before the video begins; in reality, this is how YouTube videos make money. Google Adsense is the business that displays advertisements on your YouTube channel. Google Adsense is the most basic way to make money from YouTube, in which if a viewer views your videos, they are shown the advertisement at the beginning and end of the video. The higher the number of views, the more advertisements would be displayed.

To run an ad on your YouTube channel, you must first have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on your videos, which means that people have watched your videos for 4000 hours. It takes a lot of time.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a way for YouTubers to make money by promoting something. You can make a lot of money by using this form of making money online. You must have an affiliate account of certain companies, such as Amazon and Flipkart, to engage in affiliate marketing. And to do so, you must first choose the best items, then create a review video about them.

YouTubers, in particular, use the description of their videos for advertising their gadgets, gears, unboxings, and reviews. YouTubers can also receive such sponsorship, in which they promote the product while also earning money via their affiliate links. If you are also looking for blog creation, here's what you need to know about it. 


This is an excellent way for a YouTuber to make the most money. If a channel's average views are higher than its subscribers, or if a YouTuber's brand value is high, the chances of having sponsorship are very high. According to his views and genre, each YouTuber has a different cost. The higher the YouTuber's popularity, the higher the fee. Sponsorship is commonly divided into two categories.

In the first kind of sponsorship, the Creator makes a dedicated video for the Sponsor's product or service. In the second type of sponsorship, the Creator promotes a Product or Service in a video section. Tech YouTubers are more likely to accept the first type of sponsorship, while Comedy YouTubers are more likely to get another kind of sponsorship.

By Taking Local Business Ads

This method differs from the previous one in that you can make money from YouTube through Local Ads. This is also a very reliable strategy in which some local businesses pay you to make an advertisement for their business. The local ad that you see at the beginning of the video is a local ad. If your channel is about a product or some other subject, you can receive an ad request.

This strategy is not the same as using a sponsor ad. This allows you to receive money that is not available from your primary source of income. That is why you must also build a strong network. Also, check here some ideas to make money via sending emails.

Super Chat

I would primarily recommend this strategy to people who are streaming live on YouTube and are looking for how to make money from YouTube in addition to AdSense.

We can easily understand this by using the example of live gaming streaming. You've probably noticed that when a good gamer plays a game and streams it live on YouTube, a large number of their fans tune in to watch. Some fans also give them money because they admire their style of play.

Some fans pay money to talk online during the game and get their message highlighted in the chat stream. Many people earn money by doing live streams in India as well.

Earn Money From YouTube Membership

Youtube provides a join membership option for the youtube channel that has more than 30k subscribers. You can invite your subscribers to join your channel's membership for premium features and content. This is the most effective way to make money from your YouTube channel.

When people become premium members of the channel, you will give them a badge. When your premium members comment on your live video, a badge will appear next to their name, which will be visible to other users.

Final Words

You must have seen that there are many channels on YouTube. Hence competition is increased because of which you will have to work a little bit more.

You have to make your videos as good as you can. So those people like your video, and they subscribe to your channel. You must use tags, thumbnail, description in your videos.

And the most important thing is that you have to wait a bit and maintain consistency. In starting, you may not get any views at all, but as you work hard, your views will increase, and then you will also have fun in making videos. Because then you will have an audience that will watch your videos. So, if you keep working hard, you will definitely get success in making money from YouTube.

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