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Before visiting the Mangahere website or App read this article. In this review article, I will cover all of the necessary aspects of the website.

Also, you will get all of your answers to questions like.

Is it safe to Visit Mangahere? Are there any other alternatives to Mangahere? And other questions like these. You will get answers to all of these and many more so read this article till the end.

What is Mangahere?

To those who have never visited Mangahere, it is a website that serves high-quality manga. All of the manga available on the website is totally free of cost. The website not only serves manga but also much more than that. The whole website is optimized very efficiently and the user interface is also very user friendly. You can easily find what you are looking for as there are a lot of options by which you can get to your favorite manga series.

There is no need for registration to read manga. You can simply visit the website and can start enjoying your favorite manga on the go. The home page is vibrant and full of energy you will simply fall in love with its first appearance. There are a number of categories that will help in making your experience better.

About Mangahere App

For those who love to read manga in their smartphones, this app will be very handy. Users can simply add their favorite manga in the library which will help then keep a record of their favorite manga. You can download your favorite series so that you can read it even offline whenever you are out of reach from the internet. The app is designed in such a manner that it can analyze your reading habits and your preferences. Based on that it will also suggest some more manga series which you might like.

With the help of this app, you will never miss any latest release from the episodes. It is so because every new episode gets released it will notify you in real-time keeping you on the track.

Features of Mangahere

There are various features of Mangahere which you will love surely.

Latest updates

With the help of this tab, you can easily find the latest release of your favorite manga under one tab. There is no need to visit every manga page to find the latest release. You can simply visit this section and here you will find the new release from all of your favorite manga.

Huge collection of Manga

The collection of manga over the website is very huge. You can find here the latest and trending manga series over here. Along with this, you can also find some of the oldest masterpiece series of manga. Depending upon your choice you will surely find here the required manga of your choice.

Wide variety of Genre

The website operators know that the readers that visit the website belong from different countries. The readers are also of different age groups and gender. Which means that they all have different preferences and tastes regarding manga. To satisfy the needs of the readers there is a huge collection of the genre from which the manga is available. No matter what are your reading habits or preferences you will sure find the manga according to your choice here.

Smartphone friendly

There are many users who love to read manga on their smartphones as they can read their favorite manga anytime whenever they want. The website is designed in such a manner that it can function properly even on smartphone browsers. Moreover, the website also has its official app which lets the users have many more features than the readers from the website.


This feature is very useful when you are trying to find some of the best manga that is getting popular within the readers. The ranking is done on the basis of monthly, weekly, and daily. Moreover, they also provide the total leader board where the series which are ranked on the basis of their overall rankings. This will keep you up to date regarding the choices and popular manga among other readers. You do not need to search any new manga on your own you just simply visit this section and can choose any of the popular manga series.

Search options

There many filter options available on the website which will help in narrow down your search of favorite manga. You can search according to different genres, choose from updated, completed or ongoing manga. There is also the option of sorting according to rating, chapters, and popularity. These options along with many others help in finding those unique preferences of the manga of yours.

Spoilers and news

I think this is one of the most visited sections of the website. You can imagine how exciting it would be when you get the news or leaks about any of the upcoming update of the manga. There many spoilers and other information from your favorite manga available in this section. Many of the important news related to new series or from the next updates from the manga are available here in this section. Once you visit this section you will keep on digging it as it has most of the exciting and spicy news and spoilers.

Is it safe to visit Mangahere?

No, it is not very safe to visit these kinds of websites.

It is so because these websites serve the pirated content which is illegal. It is illegal to visit piracy promoting websites as well as providing the pirated content on the website. If you wish not to get into any serious trouble then it Is advisable to stay away from these types of websites. If you get caught while using these types of websites then you could be punished for that. However, chances of being discovered are very few but you must not take any chance.

There are also a lot of ads on these websites which usually redirect you to other pages when clicked over it accidentally. These pages contain various bugs and viruses which might infect your device. It will put your personal as well as credential information at risk. Once the details from your device are discovered then hackers use this information in their wrongdoings and you would be in trouble for that.

It is advisable not to visit such websites, but if you are doing so. Then you must use a good version of antivirus, Adblock and a VPN for your safety. It will not keep you safe entirely but these measures can be taken to keep you safe.

Pros and Cons of Mangahere

  • Wide range of Genre.
  • Huge collection of Manga.
  • Also have an App for smartphone users.
  • Totally free to use without any charges.
  • There is no need for registration or sign up to enjoy the services.
  • Well, optimized user interface to enhance the experience of the users.

  • Serves pirated content.
  • Too many ads will annoy you and might ruin your mood.

Top 5 Alternatives to Mangahere



It is a good alternative to mangahere as it has one of the largest collection of manga. You can find here the collection of both English and Japanese manga. It is totally free to read manga from Mangafox and the user interface will make you fall in love with it. You can find here some of the most popular manga like Naruto, Baruto, One-piece, one punch man and many others.



The website is a renowned name in the world of manga. Here you can find some of the finest and best quality manga. The website is well updated and regulated by the operators. Along with reading manga, you can also watch anime over it which is plus point. No wonder the website has gained so much popularity in much less time.



This is also a good alternative to mangahere. The simple and fast user interface will make you fall in love with it. For the new readers, it is very helpful as it suggests a lot of good options when you visit the website for the first time.



I don’t think that this website needs any description, the name is enough. The popularity of mangago among users is increasing day by day all because of the finest content and user interface. If you are a manga fan then you must have visited mangago at least once.



Last but not least it is one of the best alternatives to Mangahere. The website is very old and it provides you a good collection of both of the latest and the oldest series of manga. It has an interesting user interface which will make you fall in love with it.


This article Is for educational purposes only. We do not support any piracy promoting websites and we always advise to use legit websites. Using or visiting the piracy promoting website is prohibited by the law. We must respect the laws and should avoid doing these unethical tasks.


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