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Bottled water is drinking water that is packed in plastic or glass bottles that is available in many sizes. It is seen in many places like the airport, retail shops, etc. Bottled water brands take responsibility for protecting natural resources. The main aspect of the Best Mineral Bottled Water Brands is to sustain, protect and naturally recharge the water sources. Bottled water consumption has drastically increased across the world. The bottled water is of great use and a companion for sports person walks and in offices.

?Tap water and mineral water – The main difference

Mineral water comes from underground reservoirs. Unlike regular drinking water, mineral water does not undergo chemical processing.
As the name suggests, mineral water contains high quantities of minerals, especially magnesium, calcium, and sodium. But is mineral water better than regular water, and what are its benefits?

People often choose mineral water because of their possible health benefits. All living organisms need water to survive. Not only does water support essential physical functions, but it also provides vital nutrients that the body does not produce on its own. While most people in the United States have access to clean drinking water, many people choose bottled mineral water for its perceived purity and potential health benefits.

How does mineral water compare with regular water? Based on the current evidence, the differences are not very significant.

Both types contain minerals and undergo some form of processing. However, by definition, mineral water must contain a certain amount of minerals, and the bottling process takes place at the source.

Given below are the differences between tap water and mineral water.

• Tap water

The water in household taps comes either from surface or underground sources. In India, tap water must meet the Safe Drinking Water Act standards established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These regulations limit the number of contaminants present in the water supplied to homes. Public water suppliers move water from its source to treatment plants, where it undergoes chemical disinfection. The clean water ultimately gets delivered to households through a system of underground pipes.

Tap water contains added minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Hard tap water has higher mineral contents, which some consider more healthful. However, minerals in hard water form deposits that can corrode pipes or restrict the flow. Also, despite the efforts of public water suppliers, contaminants from rusted or leaking pipes can pollute drinking water.

• Mineral water

Mineral water comes from natural underground reservoirs and mineral springs, giving it a higher mineral content than tap water. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), mineral water must contain at least 250 parts per million of total dissolved solids. The FDA prohibits these manufacturers from adding minerals to their products.

Minerals that are often present in mineral water include:

o calcium
o magnesium
o potassium
o sodium
o bicarbonate
o iron
o zinc

Unlike tap water, mineral water is bottled at the source. Some people prefer mineral water due to its perceived purity and the lack of chemical disinfection treatments. However, mineral water may undergo some processing. This can include adding or removing carbon dioxide (CO2) gas or eliminating toxic substances, such as arsenic.

CO2 helps prevent oxidation and limits bacterial growth in mineral water. Naturally, carbonated water gets its CO2 from the source. Manufacturers can also infuse their water with CO2 after extraction.


Known for its brand of purified water and its pack, Aquafina is a top bottled water company in the world produced by PepsiCo. It contains unflavoured and flavored water. The pure water of Aquafina is an unflavoured one. The water is taken from the neighboring municipal tap. It then goes through the purification process which includes reverse osmosis, ozone sterilization, and ultraviolet so that you can get the refreshment that you crave.


Established in the year 1999, over the years it started producing flavored water. Aquafina is the top-selling brand of bottled water in the US. In the previous year, Aquafina has produced about 2.52 billion US dollars in sales. Due to its excellent distribution and visibility and environment-friendly plastic bottle packaging, it is considered as the top bottled water brand and company in the world.


Also regarded as a top brand of a bottled water company, Dasani was launched in the year 1999. This product is from the well-known Coco-Cola company and it is sold across the world. As the tagline in the water bottle says ‘Enriched with minerals for a pure, fresh taste’, Dasani bottled water makes use of tap water, goes through the process of purification to remove impurities. This purified water is improved with traces of minerals and then bottled.

This bottled water comes in packs of various sizes. Due to its pure and refreshing taste of Dasani water coupled with a pinch of natural fruit flavor, it is considered as one of the top bottled water company in the world.


Originated in the year 1992, the healthy hydrating company, Nestle Waters is positioned on top of the bottled water brands. Maintaining about 94 production units across 34 countries, Nestle waters innovate continually to meet the expectations of the customers.


Nestle water carries out various researchers and spread the word to the world to make the customers realize the importance of water and hydration for their health. Nestle water also produces healthy flavored sparkling water to compensate for the usage of sweetened sodas and juices. Due to its number one position of bottled water and its usage by the customers, Nestle water is considered the top bottled water company in the world.

Glaceau SmartWater

As the name represents, Smartwater is quite smart considering the way it is made. Treated as one of the top bottled water companies, Glaceau SmartWater offers crisp delicious and pure water. It stimulates the process by the way Mother Nature makes water which is known to all as the hydrologic cycle. Their process includes vapor distilling water wherein every drop of water is taken care of to be as pure as the drop of rain that first appears before it gets polluted.

Glaceau SmartWater

Then the process continues by adding electrolytes for a crisp and clean taste of water. Many of the advertisements of GalceauSmartwater states that this water is as pure as the first drop of rain. Because of its unique features this company is considered as the top bottled water company in the world.

Poland Spring

Manufactured in Poland, Poland Spring is a branded bottled water company. In the year 2006, Poland Spring was one of the top-selling water brands in the United States. This branded water produces products like sparkling water, spring water, and distilled water. Poland Spring source water from the natural spring in Maine and has its delivery across New England. They are appreciated for their various sizes of bottles they are available.

Poland Spring

This Sparkling spring water is also available in natural fruit essence flavor like lemon, lime, and Orange. This bottled company also serves the Maine community through its well-known water donation program. The company donates water to the community groups. In the year 2016, the company donated 800,000 bottles of Poland Spring to the community group. Due to its main focus on the natural spring water, this company is one of the top bottled water brands in the world.

Danone Bottled

Considered as one of the leading bottled water brands in the world, Danone takes every effort to make sure that they offer well and health-focused water. Every care is taken to design their bottles that are mainly focused on usability and style. It makes the users convenient to use with their various kinds of the pack that caters to family consumption, travel, office, etc.

Danone Bottled

Until the year 2015, Danone possessed a market share of 10.1 percent and it was ranked the second among the top bottled companies in the world. Estimation for the global market for the Danone brand was 200.3 billion US dollars.


Started the water journey in the year 1996 from a remote Pacific island, Fiji shares the top bottled water company in the world and it produces the world’s finest water. In the current world, Fiji is available in many places including top hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, airports and also available for direct delivery.

Fiji water bottle is the topmost exporter of bottled water in the United States and this water is used in about 60 countries across the world. Due to its commitment to their business and looking for making a difference, Fiji water is considered as one of the top bottled water company in the world.


Tingyi Holdings Corporation also called Master Kong is founded in the year 1996 and is based out in Tianjin, China. This company specializes in various products like beverages, bottled water, soft drinks, instant noodles and also baked products.


It is known as the top bottled water company with the brand name Master Kong mineral water. In the year 2014, the bottled water section of this company showed and controlled a trade volume share of 12%. Over the year to be considered as the top bottled water company, this company launched a natural mineral water product and also showcased the high-quality water.

Deer Park

As the tagline in the bottle says, ‘100% Natural Spring Water’, Deer Park is one of the top bottled water company that produces real spring water. It also produces real fruit flavors as additional refreshments. It gives the taste of nature. Their products are focused on both flavored and unflavored types and they are free of sugar and colors.

Deer Park

The company started its water journey from one spring named the Appalachian Mountains. It carefully selects the springs and currently has 13 springs that are spread across four states. Due to its enormous growth for over a century, it is considered as one of the top bottled water company in the world.


Also regarded as a top bottled water company and known for its natural spring water, Ozarka gets the water from 3 springs situated in Texas. The process from spring to bottle is well-taken care at Ozarka and utmost care is taken to ensure that every drop of water meets the quality.
Ozarka 100% Natural spring water is originated from Texas from 3 springs.


The 3 springs sites are spread across 150 miles on the Eastern side of Texas. These 3 springs provide the water a fresh taste. The various products of Ozarka are sparkling water, spring water, and distilled water. Due to its various products and its features, Ozarka has reached to the top bottled water company.


Considered as a synonym for mineral water in India, Bisleri founded in the year 1965 in Mumbai, is famous across for its bottled mineral water in green color which is available in various sizes. It is powered by 13 owned plants, 80 co-packers, and 21 franchises. It also focuses on nationwide distribution.


Bisleri is valued as the largest brand of bottled water company because of the quality. Their goal is to provide clean, affordable and high-quality drinking water to the customers. Due to its wide growth and its excellent quality of water they provide over the years, it is considered as one of the top bottled company.

C’est Bon

Headquartered in China and founded in the year 1990, C’est Bon launched the purified drinking water. The company focuses on providing high-quality water and services to its customers. The company has won recognition for its good services by the customers. Down the years, it is also certified as the Famous Chinese Trademark and considered as a competitive brand in the bottled water company.

The company produces pure water of high-quality standard, that makes the water to taste natural and sweet and also brings the customer cool and safe water. Due to its excellent products, it is considered as a top bottled water company in the world.


Considered as one of the top brand bottled water company, Wahaha started its journey in the year 1987 in China. It started its operations by selling ice cream, soda, stationary, etc. Over the years Wahaha became the largest beverage company in China. Wahaha has established 80 production units over the years. Wahaha bottled water is a widely recognized brand in China. Wahaha tagline for their bran is ‘Healthy Life, Healthy Water’.

The natural mineral water is originated from the spring location situated in Changhai Mountain. Wahaha also produces Mineral water that makes use of reverse osmosis technology and adds minerals to provide a fresh taste. Due to its wide range of products, Wahaha is considered as the top bottled company in the world.

Nongfu Spring

Established in the year 1996, Nongfu Spring headquartered in Hangzhou. Nongfu Spring is one of the top brand bottled water companies in China. It produces high-quality spring water along with other beverages. Nongfu Spring believes in naturalist and makes use of natural ingredients that are of high quality. Their main products are bottled water, juices, tea, and functional beverages and fresh fruit.

Nongfu Spring has established water bottling plants apart from water sources in China and maintains the area to a great extent. They make use of the best technology and production management systems to provide high-quality water. During the year 2015, Nongfu Spring showed sales of about 5.6% of the total bottled water in China. Due to widespread products, Nongfu Spring is considered as one of the top bottled water company.

Private label and regional players

Bottles are being used in many places and are easy to carry. Bottled water which is a simple product requires huge raw materials, manpower, etc.


Bailey was launched by the Parle Agro Group in the year 1993 and since then it has been one of the best mineral water brands. Bailey is the first to come up with packaged mineral water in India and over the years it has become a favorite even in the smallest towns of the country. It comes in varied volumes, at very economical prices and ensures high standards of purity which is why it stands apart from its key competitors.


Himalayan mineral water is a product of a joint venture between PepsiCo India and Tata Global Beverages. Himalayan mineral water has achieved global accreditation because of its unmatchable standards of purity. It remains unprocessed, untouched and is extracted directly from the lap of nature which makes it extremely pure and natural. It is packed with nutrients that ensure the proper functioning of your body.


Kingfisher will truly be the companion of your “good times”. Kingfisher adheres to all the BIS safety parameters which make it one of the best mineral water brands. Kingfisher takes special care in removing all the biological contaminants and unwanted dissolved gases before packaging one of the cleanest mineral water bottles for your consumption.


Qua, by the Narang Group, is sure to bowl you over with its unique and attractive bottling design. Qua has emerged as one of the best mineral water brands which have grown rapidly in terms of its market presence, especially in North India.

Qua mineral water is extracted from the Himalayas and then packed to perfection without a human touch at any stage of its processing. Furthermore, Qua is packed with electrolytes and is very high in bicarbonates as well as minerals. Furthermore, this brand stands true to its claim of being 100% organic and natural.

Tata Water Plus

If the latest market trends are anything to go by, then the purity factor of Tata water Plus is the highest which makes it one of the best mineral water brands of India. Tata Water Plus comes with a copper-colored label that highlights the ancient Indian tradition of drinking water in copper vessels. This packaged mineral water is loaded with magnesium, zinc, and copper that not only hydrates you but also improves your immune system. This brand has also come up with small pouches of mineral water which cost Rs.2 only.

Manikchand Oxyrich

Manikchand Oxyrich by Dhariwal Group used to be an underdog in this industry but recently it has been successful in carving its niche as one of the best mineral water brands. Manikchand Oxyrich comes with 300% more dissolved oxygen and unique coconut essence. Furthermore, it is easily available even in remote areas of India at a very economical price.

?Health benefits of Mineral water

The next sections discuss five potential benefits of drinking mineral water.

1. A source of magnesium

Both bottled mineral water and tap water can be sources of magnesium. This nutrient plays an essential role in regulating blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and nerve function. Some sources have more or less magnesium than others. The amount of magnesium in water can range from 1 milligram per liter (mg/l) to more than 120 mg/l, depending on the source.

The daily recommended allowance for magnesium is as follows:

• 310–320 mg for adult females
• 400–420 mg for adult males

According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, most people in the U.S. consume less than the recommended amount of magnesium.

Below are some symptoms of magnesium deficiency:

• loss of appetite
• fatigue
• muscle weakness
• nausea and vomiting

A severe deficiency may cause some of the following:

• numbness or tingling
• muscle cramps
• low calcium or potassium levels
• mood changes
• an irregular heartbeat
• seizures

2. Lowering blood pressure

Having low levels of magnesium may contribute to high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and conditions that cause irregular heartbeats. Mineral water rich in magnesium may, therefore, help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. A small-scale 2004 study involving 70 adults with borderline hypertension and low magnesium levels found that drinking 1 liter of mineral water per day decreased their blood pressure.

3. Regulating blood circulation

Mineral water may contain large amounts of calcium, magnesium, and potassium, all of which promote blood circulation. Calcium is necessary for building and maintaining strong bones. It also regulates the rate and rhythm of the heartbeat.

4. Strengthening bones

The calcium in mineral water may help strengthen a person's bones.
Mineral water contains calcium, which helps promote bone strength. When bone tissue breaks down, the body deposits new bone in its place. During adolescence, new bone is deposited faster than old bone breaks down. However, after the age of 20, bone loss can start outpacing bone formation, which can lead to brittle, weak bones.

Regular exercise and diets rich in calcium can strengthen bones and prevent bone loss. Authors of a 2017 study compared how the body absorbs calcium from milk, calcium supplements, and mineral water. They concluded that mineral water with high amounts of calcium can improve the body's calcium supply. Magnesium also supports strong bones. The results of a large-scale 2014 cohort study suggested that older women with a high magnesium intake, of more than 422.5 mg per day, had more bone density than those with a lower intake of the mineral.

5. Promoting digestive health

Getting enough magnesium in the diet can help prevent constipation and improve the health of the digestive system. Magnesium draws water into the intestines, which improves stool consistency. It also relaxes the intestinal muscles, supporting regular bowel movements.

According to the findings of a randomized controlled study, drinking mineral water containing magnesium sulfate and sodium sulfate led to more frequent bowel movements and improved quality of life among people with constipation.

?How to choose the right bottled water?

When shopping for bottled water, it can be difficult to figure out which one to buy. This is especially true if you're unsure of the meaning of the marketing terminology on the packages or bottles. Many bottled water companies have been promoting their products as more natural, healthier, or superior compared to tap water. However, a little research can help when you're browsing a large variety of bottled waters. Some basic information can help you purchase a brand or type of water that's best suited for you.

1. Purchasing Bottled Water

Purchase natural bottled water sources. Companies offer a wide range of water types. However, you may want to purchase water that was bottled from a natural source — like a spring or artesian well water. Try:

• Artesian well water – This is water that is bottled from a well that contains either sand or rock that acts as an aquifer. Aquifers are important as they are a natural filter for the groundwater.
• Mineral water – This type of water contains no more than 250 parts per million of dissolved solids — it contains both minerals and trace elements. No minerals or other elements that are not already present can be added to the product at any time. Common minerals found include calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
• Springwater – This must be collected from an underground source that flows naturally to the ground's surface. This type of water must be collected only from the spring or a tapping system that's directly accessing the spring.
• Sparkling water. This type of water contains carbon dioxide naturally. After treatment, companies may add carbon dioxide back into the carbon dioxide content.

2. Avoid bottled water from municipal sources

Some companies sell bottled water that is considered “tap water” or comes from a municipal source. If you're looking for all-natural or artesian water, bottled tap water should not be purchased. Purified water must meet the standards laid out by the US Pharmacopoeia. It must go through distillation, reverse osmosis, or deionization before being bottled. However, this is often collected from municipal sources and is generally the same as the water that comes from your tap.

You may see these labeled as “Distilled Water,” or, “Purified Drinking Water.”
Bottled purified water is generally not thought to be inferior to other forms of bottled water, however, it should be known that it does not come from a natural spring source and is not considered artesian water.

3. Read the packaging labels

If you look at the bottom of the bottle or on the back of the bottle, you will see a label that refers to the type of plastic used in the particular bottle. Many bottled use a plastic known as PET. This particular type of plastic is used in a variety of plastic packaging and is considered safe by the FDA. The chemical Bisphenol A (also known as BPA) has come under a lot of scrutinies lately. As with PET; you will see this labeled on products that contain any BPA. However, the FDA has reviewed multiple studies and has stated that BPA is safe for consumers.

4. Calculate your estimated budget for bottled water

Some bottles can be quite expensive — especially those that have unique packaging or claim to be artesian waters. When thinking about purchasing bottled water, you need to consider how many bottles of water you drink daily or plan on drinking. This daily count will help determine how much you should purchase each week.
It might be more cost-effective to purchase bottled water in bulk. Many stores give discounts when you purchase larger quantities. You may also want to consider a home bottled water delivery system. Some companies will send large jugs of water and a dispenser that you can use in your home to fill reusable bottles.

5. Store bottled water appropriately

Bottled water, like many foods and beverages, should be stored appropriately to maintain the quality and safety of the product. Keep bottled water out of the light and heat. It's ideal to store it in a cool, dark location. There is no expiration date for bottled water as long as it's stored still sealed in a dark, cool location.

Keep in mind how the bottles of water were handled or stored. You may want to consider washing off the top or lid, especially if it doesn't have an outer protecting film. The top and lid could have bacteria or other contaminants on it from its handling process.

6. Considering Other Sources of Water

Purchase a home water purification system. Home water purification systems may be more cost-effective long-term and cut down on the disposal of large quantities of plastic water bottles. There are two types of purification systems: whole-house systems (these treat all water entering a household and are typically more expensive) and point-of-use systems (which treat water at the point of use — like a shower head or kitchen sink faucet). Many people choose point-of-use systems as they are less costly. These include:

• Personal water bottles that have a built-in filter. Great for on the go people who might not always have access to purified water.
• Pitchers that have a built-in filter and purify water as it drains through the filter.
• Faucet purifiers that attach directly to the kitchen sink. However, many times specialty faucets are not compatible with these.
• Refrigerator/freezer purifiers which are usually built into your appliance and allow you to have purified water and ice cubes that are frozen from purified water as well.

7. Purchase BPA-free reusable water bottles

If you decide to use or consume tap water or you have access to a purified water dispenser, you may want to consider purchasing a reusable water bottle to be more environmentally friendly.
Using a reusable water bottle can help cut down on the amount of trash and plastic bottles discarded.

Although tap water or city water may not have the appeal that some bottled waters have, it's a healthy and low-cost alternative to bottled waters. Most tap water is completely okay to drink. If you're worried about it, just purchase a filtered pitcher that sits in your refrigerator so that you have an extra level of filtration.

Tap water is tested more frequently and for more bacteria and chemicals than bottled water. Also, it's required to go through a disinfection process before consumption. Up to 1/4th of bottled waters are just bottled tap water (this is why it's important to read and understand the labels and marketing terminology).

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