Sonu Sood, A Messiah

We have heard many stories on people who have helped others in need. The people got famous too, but their popularity vanished very soon or as soon we get to read or know another story or any trending news. I really want those inspiring stories to stay in everyone's heart forever. So, we all can learn and try to help others in need the same way those people did. Obviously not to get popularity but to calm our mind and to feel proud of ourselves. There is nothing more than feeling proud of yourself.

Out of all those inspiring tales, there is one that definitely is going to stay in everybody's hearts forever. Why everybody? Because this person is not less than Messiah or GOD not only for those he helped but all of us who have seen his generosity and passion towards helping people in such a crisis when people are not able to help themselves.

I don't think I have to even mention the name. The whole world knows him. The world knows him by the name ‘Messiah', the world knows him by the name ‘Reel life Villian and Real-life Hero'. We all know him and who he is? None other than our “SONU SOOD”.

Sir, you have definitely come into this world to save and help the poor. God had chosen you! If I talk about myself, I was so inspired by this person, that there was a time that I desperately wanted to help others as he did. Not to brag, but I did.

This blog is not about what he did because we all know that already. Still, I would share some of his initiatives:

  • Transporting the Migrants
  • Feeding the hungry
  • Accommodating Healthcare workers
  • Providing Employment Opportunities
  • Helping the Farmers
  • Helped Students reach their Motherland

Through this blog, I just wanted to pour my love for Sonu Sood and want you all to know how generous he is and how can we become 1% of that person. Sonu Sood knows that there's always a joy in giving back to society. He never thought about himself during this time, he never imagined he could be infected with the virus, he is the ONE who completely ignored and challenged the virus and kept on helping others.

Not only he helped the migrants, but he is helping with all other problems arising in our society due to the pandemic and even which doesn't have any relation to the pandemic. People are actually considering him ‘GOD' and asking for the help which we usually ask from GOD only. This is the image he has created for himself in this world.

He is an actor by profession but the role he is playing now, no one can play this kind of role in the reel or real life. Frankly, I have not seen anyone during my lifetime. This is his role of a lifetime which can never be forgotten by anyone. Mind it, anyone!

And what I feel is, even if there will be a biopic someday, no actor can play this role better than SONU SOOD. No actor means NO ONE!

I am convinced that Sonu Sood lives in the heart of this world now. Many people are going to name their babies by his name. Sonu, being a very common name already is going to be much more common in coming times. Already, people have started naming their businesses and kids on his name. Isn't it amazing to know? I am sure, knowing this, the happiest person on this earth is Sonu Sood himself.

Why do I say the happiest? Just try to help any single person who is in need, and you will come to know yourself. You would consider yourself the happiest at that time. At least try to feel it once in your life and I am sure, you will feel that you are the next Sonu Sood.

The best thing I like about him is, he never gets troubled seeing that people are asking for help related to anything. Anything means their small to big problems. Everyone is looking forward to him. People kept asking for help and he keeps helping them. The responses he gave to the citizens are so humorous that no one could resist loving him.

You know, I feel, along with watching movies, we should watch him helping others to learn generosity, bigheartedness and unselfishness from him. If we receive 1% of his generousness, I am sure this world will be the best place to live.

Being a writer (not big, actually! A small one!), I have learned to start before you think. So, help before you think to help others.

I know I am no one to tell anybody, how you can help others, but just to mention, here are some ways you can start helping people around you.

Start from your Home

If you have a maid, just ask them if they need any kind of help. Giving anything extra is going to help them for sure.


If not money, because you are afraid that it can be used for any wrong things, donate food or clothing to anyone near you whenever you see a needy.

Join an Organization

Joining any organization which helps needy is definitely a great idea to start with.


You can anytime teach the person who wants to learn. Like you can always teach your maid's kids if they are unable to go to schools. Or you can just pay a part of their school fees.

Social Media

If you see anybody in need but can't help them alone, then put the information on social media, I am sure there are many people who are looking to help others and are ready always.

So, there are some ways on how you can engage yourself in helping others and there are many actually. Just get yourself ready!

Not to forget, I bow to everyone who helped Sonu Sood in this humanitarian work. I won't say, I cannot help others like he did, because we all have the capability to help each other, if not monetarily, but in any way

Conclusively, I just wish for the day when I will be like Sonu Sood so I can say, my purpose of taking birth in this world has been fulfilled and I can go back without any regret of doing nothing in my life.

I salute you, Sir! We Love You!
I Salute the Team!

Namita Singla
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