What You Need to Know About Special Sauce CBD

Are you still thinking about how to make your life a bit more exciting? You just need to drizzle some special sauce and bask in life’s magical moments. Loved by users of cannabis for its high cannabidiol content, special sauce CBD can make your body relax. Its sweet, fruity aroma is especially pleasant. Also, the berry flavor and earthy undertones offer a dynamic, many-sided smoking experience.

Additionally, special sauce produces a flavor-filled burn that is not difficult to breathe. And the light, airy puffs make it pleasant for first-timers or novices as they may not have the skill to handle the flavor as well as strong, throat-irritating smoke that very intense strains usually produce.

Origin of Special Sauce CBD

Special sauce CBD cultivar is gotten through careful breeding techniques by farmers in Oregon. They collected the original strain, picked a particular phenotype, and crossbred with another cultivar called ERB (Early Resin Berry). Both cultivars added their peculiar traits to produce a strain that is known and loved today.

The original strain adds a powerful cannabidiol profile to the offspring. Its woody, earthy flavor is also present in today’s special sauce cultivar which is in wide circulation in the CBD market. It offers calming benefits that are very effective for cases of agitation; this is due to the fact that it leans towards Indica. You can check out sites like Cheef Botanicals to get a complete breakdown of the CBD profile.

On the other hand, the ERB strain gives the special sauce CBD its flavor. The soft, fruity, berry flavor reflects in full force. Also, it offers a lively, upbeat effect that can balance the mood of its user.

Aroma and Appearance

The nugs of special sauce CBD are usually small, and this is a very noticeable aspect of its appearance. It has a bud that is micro-sized and compact. It may even appear smaller than the very large nugs of Big Buds or Northern Lights cultivars. However, do not be deceived by its modest size; it holds lots of aroma and flavor that can compensate for the size.

The outer part of the nug exposes a rich, earth-like color. It also has a blend of several hues like gold, brown, and green to emit a truly organic aesthetic. The tendril has a combination of yellow and orange color that enhances the natural look of the nug. You can also find a silky white trichome on it. When you touch the nug, it leaves a light layer of sticky resin on your skin. This resin is partly responsible for the fragrance of the nug.

In terms of aroma, special sauce has a light, delicate fragrance. Because it is a blend of two strains, it combines the sweet berry aroma with the hoppy, earthy, sandalwood aroma. This will give you a packed sniffing experience that will caress your senses with several rich, pure organic notes.

You can watch this video to know what people are saying about special sauce CBD.

Experiences and Effects

Beginners and users who have low tolerance usually find solace in the pleasurable smoking experience that special sauce CBD offers. The viscous, smooth stain of the smoke sinks into the throat with so much ease. It goes down like a fine fluid, leaving no trace of scratch or smoke anywhere around your system.

The aroma or taste of the CBD is delicate but very satisfying. It commences with the sweet taste of berry before transforming into the dark blend of wood and earth. Both organic flavors disintegrate in your mouth at the same time, caressing your taste buds. They increase gradually as you keep sucking on them. Just before it subsides, you will notice a distinct flower flavor, which wraps up your experience in a pleasant way.

Furthermore, the strain has a strong calming effect. It can lift you from the feeling of stress and anxiety to being relaxed and cheerful. Its high concentration of cannabidiol serves as a potent solution against bad feelings, thoughts, and emotions that can result in agitations when overstimulated.

Meanwhile, you do not have to worry when using this strain as it will not sedate. The ERB aspect balances the calming effect by keeping your mind awake.

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People are always looking for relief and comfort on a daily basis. Whether you are battling with any form of physical discomfort, stress, or anxiety, all you need is a dose of special sauce.


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