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Have you ever put yourself to trade?


Have you imagined what if we get all the services at one single platform?


Have you imagined selling your antique painting and finding your dating partner at one website?

Talking about trade, not any particular kind of trading but everything which deals with excitement and money leads to trade. Before we move to other essential daily life services, I must clarify myself that what does really trade depict.

Trade is kind of business which deals with selling and buying products, commodities, commerce or services. Not being very specific here but for reference, we can take example of things which have been used in the past by famous players, token of any special sports game, prime minister’s watch, celebrity shoes or uncommon discovery of a common man along with daily life needs such as job requirements, clothing and fashion, health and beauty, jewellery, building and renovation products, gaming.

I will tell you a little story. Once I found a piece of glass which I thought was sharp and could harm someone. I picked that glass, put that in my car and took along to throw where no one usually goes. There, I saw an old man who described me what that glass was actually worth of. He was ready to give me 25 bucks for that piece of scrap which I was going to throw away. But wait, why was he that excited. I asked him gently. He replied, “this is not an ordinary glass but is actually an antique roman glass.”

I didn’t know any platform back then to make a deal. On the very second, he put a proposal in front of me. I made that deal and returned home. I googled to find the real worth of that roman glass. However, by instance, I came through one website that has been rated the most excellently by so many people.

The name of the website was I went through that website completely and was stunned when I came to know that we can deal on this platform with number of exciting things and services. Then I thought about the people, who actually do that for living, how exciting their life would be, dealing with multiple kind of things, keeping precious things with them, selling them with most favorable prices and with interesting services.

What is actually

Trademe is actually the biggest trading market of New Zealand where we can sell and buy online, not only products but services as well. This is the leading marketplace and best classified platform of advertising in New Zealand. This includes exciting and specified priced sales with real estate, automotive and businesses of employment. They also hold web business specializing in online dating and accommodation.

Along with the exciting trading they hold, on the second top of the list they deal with selling advertising across their portfolio of websites.

History and timeline

In 1999, there was a computer consultant ‘Sam Morgan’ who founded this website Trade Me. He gone through a frustrating experience, when for his chilly flat he was trying buying a heater. The fact was actually Mr. Morgan was fed up of other websites that did not cater any well. So, he found that if there would be any platform where dealers can easily sell and buy accordingly.

Near about in 10 years, Trade Me made its name enough to become a top website regarding that stuff.

Talking about timeline-

Year Acheivements
1999 Established by Sam Morgan
2000 Introduction of success fees
2001 New feature “Find Someone” launched (Dating and personals)
2002 New feature “Old Friends” launched
2003 TradeMe motors launched
2004 Fastest growing company in New Zealand in ‘Delloitte Fast 50’
2005 TradeMe property launched
2006 TradeMe jobs launched
2007 Travel Bug launched
Pay Now launched
2008 One million concurrent listings achieved
2009 Acquisition of holiday houses
2010 TradeMe Daily deals launched
Iphone app launched
Acquisition of BookIt
2011 TreatMe launched
One Million members logging in every month.
2012 TradeMe listed as a public company
Acquisition of Auto Base, Holiday homes and TradeVine
2013 TreatMe sold
Daily deals finished
Acquisition of MotorWeb and LifeDirect.
2014 Almost 50% of all TradeMe sessions available via mobile
Acquisition of viewing tracker and Pay Station
2015 TradeMe insurance launched
Invested in harmony
2016 Old friends closed
Launched Book A Courier
2017 SafeTrader closed
Buyer Protection launched
2019 TradeMe acquired by Apex Partners


About the website

TradeMe is very managed website starting from the browser section where we can go through all the categories we can deal with, coming to community, list and items, where we can list any item with which we want public to deal with. Taking an example, if you want to you put your car in front of 2.5 million buyers daily there would be a particular charge for listing that car or whatever! Then there is managed my ‘TradeMe' section where you can go through your watchlist list of biddings which you have won, biddings which you have lost, items which you are selling, things or services which you have recently viewed and there given a search section in which you can type if you want to go somewhere direct.

The most interesting and exciting thing comes at this website is bidding. Starting from the base price owner let us place the bid and it final bid is in your pocket you will have that product.


Categories and services


1. Antiques and collectables.

First of all, you have to select if you want to go for only New Zealand region or anywhere else in the world. Then there would be a lot of subtypes like coins, jewellery, antique textiles, antique tools, royal family writings, pins, badges, banknotes, cultural and ethnic collections, flags, bottles and much more. You hardly find a website which deals with most common to most uncommon things along. We can say from a needle to a monster truck, they deal with everything. You name it, they have it.

There are several factors as well. We can go for direct on sales goods, free shipping, buy now, pay now and after pay. You can select particular condition of that product if you want it new or you want used one. You can go for both options as well. You can also sort the list by lowest prices, highest prices, latest listings etc.


2. Art

Art mostly deals with paintings and drawings which many people are crazy of keeping at their homes, their drawing rooms, hanging sculptures, carvings, photographs, hand made antique essentials and a lot like that. Also, if you are a painter yourself, draw one and get it sold on this amazing platform.


3. Baby gears

They hold thousands of baby products and you can sell your used ones in the past as well. For example, car seaters, prams, baby furniture, baby walkers, jolly jumpers. I must say I would go for old pram rather than buying brand new one if I have to purchase that for my son or daughter. Do you consider this a bad idea??


4. Books

Starting from education to novels, magazines, fiction and non-fiction books, I guess most of the people would prefer old books over new books because this is something which never gets old. Books are so precious and reading has been considered a class from very beginning.

There are millions of books collectively, over 50 thousand books are for children, thousands for literature, graphic novels and most essentially, teaching resources and education ones. We can consider this as a big library from where you can pick any book from.


5. Building and renovation

Dealing with building and renovation products, building supplies, carpet tiles and flooring portable cabins, fixtures and fittings, plumbing and gas, electrical and lighting, doors, Windows and moulding, all the necessary building and renovation products are available on this website with a lot of latest variety where you get lot of options to choose from.


6. Business Farming and industry

Coming to farming and Industrial tools and goods involving businesses for sales, farming and Forestry, office equipment and supplies, office furniture retail and Hospitality, wholesale loads and some other businesses and industrial services.  Starting from fertilizers, the biggest machine used in farming can be purchased and sold.


7. Cars, bikes and boats

This is one and the most used feature of this website. Thousands of cars are purchased and sold everyday with best and satisfactory deals on both hands. Not only limited to cars, you can go for cranes, trucks, jets and what not.

Along with the vehicle itself, we can also purchase and sell spare parts of vehicles as well as helmet, clothing, footwear. Even the wrecked vehicles can be purchased and sold on this website. Multinational companies directly sell their brand new vehicles. We can pre-specify functions we need like we can go for any particular body style fuel type, any transmission, number of seats and the colour of vehicle.


8. Clothing and fashion

Coding and fashion is the top accessed function of TradeMe till now. This part is divided into categories specifically for women, boys, girls, men, children. The best part which makes it different from ordinary shopping website is that you can, along with the size, select colour for your clothing or footwear as well.


9. Computers

All the accessories of computer systems such as cables and adapters, components, printers, monitors, laptops, desktops, external storage, even software and computer furniture are available on this website. Most of the Kiwis, if they don’t go for traditional shopping, they consider TradeMe as the best computer equipments purchasing platform. Even selling the used equipments has been made more easy with this trusted website.


10. Crafts

To make your sweet home look beautiful, they have so many hand-made decorative things such as woodcrafts, embroidery, fabric, scrap-booking and having a craft machines such as sewing machines, cross stitch machines, stampings, spinning machines etc.


11. Gadgets

Gadgets includes electronics and photography products, mobile phones, televisions, music instruments and other gaming gadgets can be sold and purchased at the best possible prices with more than enough variety.


12. Jewelry and watches

Jewelry and watches have all kind of body jewelries and piercings, smart watches men’s jewelry, earrings and all kinds of precious gem stones as well. All kinds of rings for both men and women at reasonable prices are available. From very ordinary stones to most precious diamonds and white gold and can be questioned for its originality can be taken from this site.


13. Health, beauty and living

As we know, health, beauty and home living style have number of items that no one platform can think of meeting all needs. But here, step by step, they have proved that every smallest article can be purchased here directly without any second thought of availability.


14. Pets and Animals:

Have you ever seen trading pets that easily with every possible breed name you can have in your mind? People these days are finding themselves more lonely and getting involved with pets at very accelerated pace.

There are people who carry more than two or three pets and there are people keep on changing their pets every couple of months. Best deals with every possible option are one click away on this website.


15. Sports, toys and models:

This website holds a vast variety of toys, models and sports materials. Child active in science can go for electrical and electronic models and a hit man can purchase any size of baseball bat with a least good to most best quality.

Educational toy, games, puzzles and radio control robots and a lot more can be sold and purchased on this website.


16. Services:

They have over seven thousand services listing. From house-hold services like plumbing, roofing, flooring to cleaning, babysitting, repairing and maintenance, along with that they hold services like for events and entertainment, caterers, wedding photography and health services such as medical services, personal training, beauty, relaxation, weight loss and lot more. Other services which we have already talked about are tourism, jobs, find someone, holiday houses, property and real estate, tuitions, spiritual and legal services as well.


Ratings and reviews:

This website has been rated five start for most of its services. Some other services which have been newly put up are also close to 4.5 or 5 stars. People have given satisfactory reviews and they are making all of their business through this single website. Providing all the daily life services, this website also hold record of most visits and its still increasing every year particularly in New Zealand.

Sagar Dhingra
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